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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: NJWeedman speaks before trial

UPDATE AT 4 P.M. -- NJWeedman called to say that the jury got the case about 2:30 and that the judge gave the 7 women and 5 men (plus 2 alternates) till 4 today. They didn't render their verdict in the 2 counts and will return Wednesday to deliberate. Weedman said he felt his closing argument of 15 minutes won the jury over, and during closing he showed big cajones by telling them to "give me all or nothing" on Count 1: possession with the intent to distribute. It's the only count he gives a crap about, he said, because it's the one that carries a 5-year prison sentence, mandatory. Count 2 is possession. "I don't think the state proved its case as far as the distribution," he said from outside the Burlington County Courthouse in Mount Holly. He said that expert witness Dr. Steven  Fenichell told the jury he treated NJWeedman 12 years ago and that his cancerous bone tumors provide a valid reason for him to use medical marijuana. More to come.

TRENTON -- Robert Forchion stopped by the Trentonian TV studio hours before what is expected to be the final day of his trial in which he's representing himself against charges of pot possession. Forchion is known as NJWeedman, and he said he has cancer and that the pound of pot cops found in the back of his car during a stop on April 1, 2010, was meant for medicinal purposes. Today, NJWeedman presents the jury of 7 women and 5 men (racially it's 11 whites and 1 black) his closing arguments. He has not been allowed to use the term "jury nullification" during his defense arguments. He believes Jersey's drug laws are flawed and that he is not guilty. For more on the story click HERE.

Here is the 30-minute interview that took place at 7:30 this morning:

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  1. Deep shame that the court (Judge and Prosecutor) are doing their best to slant the case in favor of the status quo, the corporations and the wealthy.

    To imagine that a person with cancer has to use his time, energy and money to try to stay out of jail just because of his use of medicine on charges of possession of a narcotic and intent to distribute, inflames the emotions if you would allow that. (don't)

    Robert did an excellent job in his closing arguments. His attorney did an adequate job defending him. The former narcotics officer and a physician who testified as expert witnesses on his behalf were just excellent.

    On a court break until 1:50PM. Hopeful but anxious.