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Twist and Shout
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

El Latino TV en Vivo! Production Notes: En Contacto Con la Comunidad Epiosodio 13: Trenton's top cop

TRENTON -- He's been here but a few weeks, but Trenton's new top cop, Ralph Rivera Jr., must tackle a ton of issues plaguing not only his 199-officer force but a city that doesn't seem to know any other way of life except for misery. Rivera, a former FBI man who was born and raised in the Bronx, has been slow to grant media interviews about his aspirations and about the state of the Trenton Police Department, but he appeared on Episodio 13 of "En Contacto Con la Comunidad" on Thursday and spoke with host Carlos Avila for about 45 minutes. His chief of staff, Adrian Mendez, was part of the conversation, too. The first 25 or so minutes are in Spanish, but the final 20 minutes are in English. Nowhere in the 45 minutes did he address the ambush on 2 of his cops. From a production point of view, the first 30 seconds are a bit shaky. I wanted Carlos to interview Rivera first then bring Adrian into the chat. So when Adrian wasn't in the frame at first I had to adjust the camera as he scooted into view. But the overall conversation went well.

Here are a few photos from the production, and below them is the episodio in full:

Rivera, Avila, Mendez

And their hands

Rivera was born and raised in the Bronx


No idea why they're laughing. This was during the Spanish part

Adrian Mendez

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