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Twist and Shout
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Tyrone Miller Show Episode 8

TRENTON -- Between all of the gun stories the last few days, I've managed to produce some Trentonian TV shows, including today's Episode 8 of The Tyrone Miller Show. Great show full of guests touting their wonderful causes. With the guns and the bullets and the ambushes on cops, you almost forget about the other people in Trenton who do good.

There was Michelle Rustin and her adorable dimples. She represented Women in Power, and they're having a men's barbecue cookoff from 4 to 7 p.m. June 23 at Cadwalader Park. It's a $200 entry free, and that money will go toward women's programs in Trenton. People who pay $5 to get into the event are the judges. "June is the time when men think they can cook on the grill," Michelle said. I'm not so sure Tyrone was paying attention. I think I spotted a waterfall of drool hanging off his chin once she said it was all you can eat.

Then there was Narvis Patterson and her assistant, Sandy. They talked about the 10th annual HIV/AIDS Walk and Health Fair this Saturday (May 19) at Cadwalader Park. The health fair includes glucose testing and breast cancer screenings for women who don't have insurance. The $20 entry fee to register for the walk will go to Rainbow House in Trenton and Kenya House in Africa. At one point Patterson used the word "neophyte" and that made the needle scratch all the way 'cross the record, and Tyrone's reaction was maybe the best reaction in the history of Trentonian TV. "Neophyte. That's a good word."

Next up was Princeton native Paul Johnson, who represented Next Level Soccer Academy. He went to the Hun School years ago and played soccer, and he was so good that the University of Virginia wanted him to play there, which he did, and wait till you see the ring on his finger to denote the ACC title the Cavs won while he played there. And oh, by the way, Johnson was captain of the U.S. Under-17 team that played in the World Cup in 2001. Johnson was on the show, however, to tout Next Level Soccer Academy, whose goal is to raise $10 million to build an athletic facility in Mercer County that features 4 turf soccer fields, 3 hoops courts and a full-service gym. NLSA wants to raise the money through 10 million people who donate $1 apiece. Do you have a buck to spare? Then go to There's a whole other educational component to NLSA, so listen to the UVA grad talk about it while paying homage to his mother for not letting him sign a pro contract when he was a kid. She wanted him to get an education. He earned a college degree. "I could ask for nothing more at this point," he said. "There is life after athletics, even if you're fortunate to become a pro."

Perry Shaw III and his dad, Perry Shaw II, were the final guests. Son runs A Better Way, which is a re-entry program that focuses on community building through counseling and training. This segment was as good as television gets. II and III Perry are pillars of Trenton. II could even be mayor in 2014.

This was a great episode of The Neophyte Miller Show.

Narvis and Sandy with Tyrone, who gave up his seat for Sandy

Michelle Rustin. I think I'm in love with her dimples

Michelle's and Tyrone's sandals and green shoes

A reporter's desk full of Trentonian TV guests

Narvis' shoes

Narvis' hands

Hands and the ring of an ACC soccer champion (Paul Johnson)

Johnson's shoes

Tyrone tries on Johnson's ring

Which one is the soccer player, and which one is America's worst cook?

III Shaw

III and II

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