Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Friday, May 25, 2012

El Latino TV en Vivo! a Production Notes: En Contacto Con la Comunidad Episodio 14

Blue Rose over Hamilton

TRENTON -- Carlos Avila delivered a well-crafted opening monologue about the new Trenton School District superintendent, Francisco Duran, and touched on the controversial hiring. He didn't rant and rave and make it all about me, me, ME! Thank you, Carlos, for enlightening your audience and not making people want to throw bricks at their computers.

You might be wondering what the blue rose symbolizes. It doesn't symbolize anything. It was one of the flowers at Encore Florist at 2307 South Broad Street in Hamilton. Encore sponsored Episodio 14 of En Contacto Con la Comunidad, so we went there to shoot the spot. Later at the office I posted a bunch of the pictures from Encore on the Trentonian Facebook page. Someone at work saw the pictures and said that I must be really secure with my manhood. Yes, yes I am. I love girls, but I love "girly" things like pretty flowers. No, I don't go out and buy pretty girly flowers or shit like that, but if I see a blue rose, or better yet a sexy hot-pink rose, you can bet your ass I'm taking a picture of it just like when I see a rose-colored Mustang and get giddy and must take a picture. What a sexy beast this is:

The Mustang outside of Encore Florist

More photos at Encore Florist:

Episodio 14 went well. The first guest lives in Hightstown, and he talked to Carlos about the problems taking place up there. Before the show Carlos said that the guest was from Hightstown and I said, "What's the deal with you and people from Hightstown," and his response was that Hightstown has a large, and growing, Latino population just like Trenton's Latino community keeps exploding. The last 2 guests were Guatemaltecan tween princesses. The owner of Encore Florist let Carlos take a couple of color-infused roses to give to the cutie pies, as you'll see in the photos below.

From a production point of view everything went well, from the commercial for Encore Florist to the segue placards to the conversations. Although, you might not be able to hear the first beauty queen well. She was nervous and quiet as a mouse on Christmas Eve. The only production flaw was not understanding what everyone was saying and not being able to find websites or images to coincide with the conversation points. We're changing things up a little at En Contacto Con la Comunidad: We'll tape on Saturday mornings and run the taped broadcast at 7 o'clock every Thursday. We're making the change out of respect to the Trentonian sports department. The fellas have been great in allowing us to run live broadcasts from my desk, which is in the sports pod, but realistically the conversation, and sometimes mariachi music, causes a ruckus, and the sports guys don't need that kind of distraction on deadline. At 9 o'clock on a Saturday morning in an empty newsroom, we'll be able to make all the noise we want. ARRIBA!

Here are photos from Episodio 14 and below them the 57-minute show:

A journalist's desk

Sports guys Kyle and Ryan work during Carlos' opening monologue

Hightstown's Latino population feels disrespected

A couple fellas and their shoes

Flesh, gadgets and accessories

Pump it up

Cutie princess No. 1

Cutie princess No. 2

And Mama Princess 2

A mom, her tween princess and an Ecuadorian named Carlos

They had a nice connection

Even Hunter S. Thompson would agree

Pump it up 2.0

Talking about Guatemalteca pageants and stuff

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