Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Tyrone Miller Show Episode 6

TRENTON -- Tyrone Miller said in his motivational screed that to utilize freedom of thought "You've gotta be able to use all the words in your vocabulary."

Is that so, Tyrone? Well, buddy, a lot of words in my vocabulary are rated NC-17, and many of them are XXX, and right about now I would like nothing more than to string about 50 of them together. I'd like to (expletive) in the milk of my spilled milk.Why? Well, my friend, because for the second episode in a row, we shot on location in downtown Trenton, and for the second week in a row in downtown Trenton we could not get a solid Internet connection even though I have an Internet access card in the Trentonian TV camera.

I don't understand you, Trenton? What's with the horrid Internet connections down there?

Blah blah blah (expletive expletive expletive) blah!

We broadcast live from Classic's Bookstore on South Warren Street, or tried to, anyway. Owner Eric Maywar's bunker wasn't a great spot to shoot live from inside, so I set up outside. That turned into a cluster(expletive) too, and the broadcast recorded in pieces. Some of them were empty recordings, and others were only 2 to 5 minutes. Crap.

So I've made this 5-minute highlight of the first guest, Tashanna Ellis, a young lady with a great smile and a big ol' heart who founded Emiija's Hope. It's a mentoring program that caters to Trenton's 13- to 18-year-old girls with the goal of making sure they don't become another Trenton statistic. Many times, Ellis said, girls in this critical age group -- especially in Trenton -- can't talk to their parents about critical issues. That's where Emiija's Hope tries to educate. Tashanna is one of the bright stars in Trenton.

"We work on them," Ellis said of the self-esteem and empowerment side of things, "and then send them to others to work on the education side. ... We teach them to be great women."

There were two others guests, including Maywar, but the recordings were terrible, so we're going to book them again. In the meantime, here are some photos from the broadcast, then the 5-minute episode:

Tashanna Ellis, founder of Emiija's Hope

Tashanna's hand

Hug after a strong conversation

Get Cake Catering owner and Chef Renee Arthur

She came bearing sweets

Renee and her assistant

Tyrone, Renee and assistant

We'll do another episode dedicated to Chef Renee and Get Cake Catering

Renee grew up in Trenton, went away, and is back in Trenton

Classics Bookstore owner Eric Maywar

Maywar amused by Tyrone's munching on Renee's cupcake

Cupcake Lips!

That's a good cupcake, Eric!