Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tons of Guns: Shooting at Oakland & Coolidge in Trenton

TRENTON -- "You can pray for the shit to, like, cease. But until then a n---a's gonna pack a piece."

The late Guru of Gangstarr sang that line in the rap "Tons of Guns" -- which is Trenton's biggest problem. Last night someone (or maybe more) pumped a Trenton cop car with at least 5 rounds from what a police source called a ".30-30 rifle" over at Stuyvesant near Hayes. Neither cop was hit. Today, a gunman over at 104 Oakland near Coolidge in the dark heart of the west ghetto fired off anywhere between 12 and 20 rounds. No one was hit, and a large Trenton police response that included the TAC Unit swarmed in to arrest the shooter. At least one of them. We're getting reports there may have been another shooter.

I got lucky and found a woman who videotaped the man who was arrested as cops walked him to the car. Here are some of the photos I took of the scene.

Sgt. Manzo talks to Alex of The Times and Sherrina of The Trentonian

Sgt. Manzo and his 24-inch pythons

After the fact

Here's the cop who was holding that SKS from the "Food For Guns" exchange.

TAC Unit cop

Coolidge looking toward Oakland


  1. UUGGG!!! too close to my home! iI guess that is why Guru is "late", the sick mentality.This is crazy! Have we forgotten how to live as people. I'm ready for the Soylent Green "Home" treatment.

  2. Man they can have these projects Im looking for another apt .......if i have to move me & my kids in a 1bedroom apt so be it.....