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Twist and Shout
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tony Mack and the Dodson-Carlucci-Moriarty Monster

TRENTON -- I met Mayor Mack to ask him 3 questions about a story that Trentonian Statehouse Reporter Anthony Campisi is working on. I also used the opportunity to ask the mayor about Dan Dodson, Jim Carlucci and Kevin Moriarty.

Dan, Jim and Kevin are the mayor's biggest critics in a deep pool of Mack haters. Oh, they don't hate Tony Mack the man. They just hate the way he runs a city, and they're vocal about it on their blogs or at The Trentonian's Facebook page and at several other public forums. And that's a good thing. There aren't enough people like Dan Dodson, Jim Carlucci and Kevin Moriarty and George Dougherty and Christine Ott and Patricia Stewart and the dozens of others who hawk public officials like Tony Mack.

"Our city is an open book. Any request for public information that has been submitted to us has been granted. We provide all information to OPRA requests," Mack said. "They may not come in a timely manner, but they come. The reason being that some of the requests are, quite frankly, abusive requests. If you search the number of requests we've received this year compared to the requests of the previous administration over the last 20 years, it's ridiculous."

I asked Tony Mack about the Dodson-Carlucci-Moriarty Monster: "Would you let them work with you?"

"Of course," Mack answered. "I'm extending an invitation to all of them. We'd love them to come. We have a very challenged fiscal situation with our libraries, so I would invite them to come spend an hour or two a day at the libraries, teaching and talking to our young people about writing, about the public process -- about housing stock in Dan's case, about writing in Kevin's case and maybe about the government process in Jim Carlucci's case. So they all have a job to do."

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