Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Tyrone Miller Show Epiosde 7

TRENTON -- Tyrone's final guest, Eric Jones, appeared after three female guests, and the first thing he did was flex his pythons. Pythons he built in prison for selling drugs.

"I was raised in that environment and felt it was the right thing to do at the time," Jones said. "But I had to deal with the consequences." Too many nightmares and Newports-fueled card games made him decide that "I don't want to feel like a caged animal" so he "read every book I could" then earned his freedom back and graduated Mercer County Community College. He studied to become an auto technician -- not an auto mechanic because cars today are more technological and not just lugnuts and connecting wires and sparkplugs.

Now Jones owns King Technicians at 204 Stokes in Ewing right on the Trenton border.

Tyrone began the show with three strong women. Latisha Anderson-Gibson runs Women Embracing Vision, an organization with the goal of assisting women with their image. "We're looking to build self-esteem because when you look good you feel good," Anderson-Gibson said. "I grew up in a large family of women, so that fueled me a little. I have the desire to embrace and encourage women."

Trenton native Christine Roberts founded the nonprofit Kids Against Bullying, Gangs and Violence. She said she was bullied as a young women and that the experience gives her keen insights into how to better offer support to others who struggle with the same issue. Her organization is creating a parent-to-parent support group, and the first gathering is Saturday at the Hollowbrook Center at 320 Hollowbrook Road in Ewing from 1 to 3 o'clock.  "We need to be able to get encouraged and understand that this day too shall pass," Roberts said, "but sometimes people might not feel as though you understand what we're going through, so if you're around people who are truly feeling and felt what you felt, you open up more and get more support."

Tonetta Blue made a return experience to Tyrone's show to talk about her Diva on a Budget and Stiletto's Inc. businesses and to tout her Mother's Day specials. I like Tonetta. I like her spirit. She's colorful and peppy and wise and has an old soul. I love the way she talks about arts and crafts and how young women should slow down and not move so fast and learn to build pretty things with their hands.

Here are the photos and below them is the episode:

Latisha's shoes

Latisha's gold bag

Latisha and Tyrone

Christina and Tyrone have a strong rapport

Christina's cool earrings

And her shoes

Tonetta's shoes

And Tonetta's tat

And Tonetta's hands

Tonetta's always wearing colorful accessories. She has great eyes.

Chris and his work Timbs

Chris and his tat

Tyrone and Chris be chill like that

Chris watching his segment during the replay