Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

SONG: "Karma Caught up" by Lisa Ridgely and The Fainting Room

TRENTON -- I worked with Lisa long ago in a Nation far away, and thousands of miles and days later we've been able to reconnect. I like Lisa because she's a funny, smart and cool wiseass, and back in the day we enjoyed some strong conversations about life. Back then she was dabbling with her acoustic guitar, letting only those closest to her know that she played. I didn't have a vision then that she'd make it big. Yet here she is 10 years later all grown up making music that penetrates to the core. I've told her that I'm not blowing smoke up her ass because we know each other. No, a song like "Karma Caught Up" is #musicalmarrow. Sometimes you need to listen to a song only once to know it's one of the best songs you've ever heard. There are about 250 songs on my best-ever list, and "Karma Caught Up" is one of them. Whoever arranged the twangy-rocky-poppy-folksy guitar licks is a genius (we're looking at you, Ryan Elliott; the 12 seconds from 2:25 to 2:37 is Hall of Fame material). Indeed, the guitar combos in "Karma Caught Up" are on par with any number of songs by Oasis, my favorite band. On one hand you have this swirl of power chords that thumps a guitar-loving soul; on the other hand it's so goddamn intoxicating the way Lisa's and Sara's voices collide when they duel and harmonize, especially at the 44-second mark. It takes a great band to intersperse guitars and voices the way Lisa Ridgely and the Fainting Room does in this song, yet the Milwaukee rockers are still finding their chops -- they've been together only a few months. To top it off, the lyrics in "Karma Caught Up" hit close to home. I envision a girl singing along -- and powered by the conviction, rage and defiance in her heart hitting the hard K in "You fuck!" with satisfaction.

To buy the band's 5-track EP called "Wine in Bed" click HERE.