Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Note: L.A. Parker Show Episode 14

TRENTON -- The first thing I saw outside this morning was the eggshell, empty. Life just beginning. Free like a bird. About 10 steps later I saw the pink flower pedals on the ground. The death of life. OK, enough mushy talk. So, L.A. returned to the KdK after broadcasting his last 4 shows at the Exit 7A Productions studios on Front Street. Scott Miller and his crew did a great job, and our collaboration will most likely continue once we work out the agreements. Till then I'm producing L.A.'s shows. Today's show was a strong even though L.A. didn't provide a guest list till 3 minutes before we went live. Drew Worek (a mover and shaker whose best role is as president of the Trenton Musicians Foundation), Peter Gromitsaris (co-owner of 2 Peters Diner, which just opened in Ewing, as well as co-owner of the New Ewing Diner) and a fella by the name of Round 1 (who has a big event May 26 for parents who lost loved ones to violence).

With all due respect to Drew and Round 1, Peter was the best guest. Loved the things he said about the virtues of teamwork and how he wants to bring another eatery to Trenton so long as those Trentonians who want to work for him don't start frontin' with their attitudes like they own the goddamn joint. Hey, how about being thankful that someone wants to come to Trenton and offer you a job. OK, end of rant.

Here are photos and below them Episode 14 of the L.A. Parker Show, live from the KdK.

Drew Worek

Peter Gromitsaris

Peter's and L.A.'s shoes

Peter's hands

Round 1

L.A.'s right hand

Round 1's hands

Trentonian ad guru John Conte and L.A. cutting into a Gromitsaris cheesecake

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