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Twist and Shout
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Words2Action Episode 4

UPDATE: I'm trying to figure out what might have happened. I had a bunch of heavy-duty programs open before the crew came. Photoshop, Saxotech, Microsoft Outlook, so I probably should have quit them all or better yet started the computer over.

UPDATE 2: Wait a cotton-picking second. A friend by the name of Aimee Ford Foster said that she watched the show live (and like me) disagreed with pretty much everything Kellie the journo said about newsrooms. So now I REALLY don't understand how people were able to watch live yet nothing recorded. Sigh.

UPDATE 3: Kellie the journo said her mom watched and loved it. So I guess I can take some solace in knowing people saw the show. That's why I stress the importance of watching live.

UPDATE 4: One possibility is that I recorded on the El Latino TV en Vivo! channel Thursday and didn't log out, then signed into Procaster using Trentonian TV's account. So that might explain why Trentonian TV viewers saw it live. There were 7 or 8 pieces of recording in the Trentonian TV library, all of them empty. I went to check the El Latino TV en Vivo! library: no pieces of anything. So that theory could be bunk.

UPDATE 5: I offered Kellie the independent journo a Trentonian TV show. She accepted.

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TRENTON -- For the second time in three weeks the show did not record. We broadcast live from the conference room, which is 50 feet from my desk, so it was the same JRC Internet connection that's strong as an ox 98 percent of the time. And Trentonian TV's studio indicated during the broadcast that there was "PERFECT STREAMING" in those pretty, green letters that make me happy, so I have no idea what happened today. It makes my face red because we've all put in so much energy for naught. I feel terrible for host Dr. Ken Gordon and his great production team of Tay Walker, FP Cartright and Annette McDonald.

From now one we record every episode from my desk instead of the conference room. That way I don't have to unplug my computer and bring a separate monitor and get a ton of shpilkes while I struggle to get the monitor and my laptop to sync up and all that other crapola. My desk is the best spot to record Trentonian TV shows. I will not stray from my desk again. Sorry, Ken, but that's the way it has to be.

Today's theme was how the media portrays the black community (read: bad). Guests were independent journalist Kellie Murphy and lawyer Robin Parker, executive director of the Beyond Diversity Resource Center. It was an interesting day to talk about how the media makes the black community look awful considering The Trentonian ran a Page 1 story on Venice Johnson and the success of his new eatery Thomasena's Takeout.

Anyway, it steams me that shows aren't being recorded. This is the second time in three weeks Words2Action has not recorded. The first time was the day Willingboro renamed a main street after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Carl Lewis and Jessie Epps were among the guests. Maybe it's time to find a new recording device instead of Livestream. Or, maybe it's not even a Livestream thing. Maybe I just suck at producing live shows.

Even my photos from the production didn't turn out crisp I'd like.

Independent journalist Kellie Murphy

Robin Parker, esquire

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