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Twist and Shout
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Tyrone Miller Show Episode 13

TRENTON -- The idea sprang to life as soon as I saw Wade Wilson's Cookie Monster socks and started thinking about Katy Perry's Elmo shirt: a concert with Katy and Wade. Why not? She's a fun pop singer who kisses devotchkas and likes it, and he's a punk-rocking rapper Funkadelic nerd with rasta dreads and fingernails painted black, and so it seems like their Sesame Street wardrobes and personalities are bound for each other. A Katy-Wade collaboration can work -- think of it as the first Santa Barbara-Trenton music explosion. (Not to mention, it would give us an opportunity to book Katy on Trentonian TV.)

Anyway, two of Tyrone's guests couldn't make it today, so Wade Wilson enjoyed the entire 27-minute spotlight. And that's good thing because Wade Wilson is one of Trenton's unique individuals, a Wonka-like conversationalist who can discuss "A Clockwork Orange" and the '90s push to stamp out of individuality as well as the unspoken depression in black America. In the process he sounds like a professor. Sharp as a whip. He's a lively dude who expresses his ideas and opinions whether you like them or think he's full of it.

Wade Wilson was born in Atlantic City and has deep roots in Tar Heel, Carolina, yet many of his "firsts" in life took place in Trenton. His dad was in Trenton, as was his grandma, so he spent chunks of time here. He learned to ride a bike in Trenton and moved into his first apartment in Trenton. Trenton is his home. Wade Wilson is not his real name. Come to think of it, we never asked what his real name is. But who cares. He chose Wade Wilson because 1) a childhood friend was named Wade, and he looked up to him, and 2) being a lover of comic books he felt he embodied the spirit of Wade Wilson. "He's not a good guy and not necessarily a bad guy," Wade told Tyrone, "but he's got his own morality. By trade he's a mercenary." That's when Tyrone did his tangential thing and said how cool it would be to be a mercenary, then invited any mercenaries onto his show to talk about the mercenary lifestyle. Good ol' Tyrone.

So, it was a great episode, especially the opening, which, if you're a Vikings fan of the '80s, will break your heart. 7 yards away. Just 7 yards away from making it to the Super Bowl. That said, I was impressed that Tyrone knew which player made one of the biggest plays in Redskins history. You have to watch the opening to understand. But it was the best, funniest and sneakiest opening in Trentonian TV history.

Wade explains his love for unique socks

No one can Clockwork Wade Wilson's mind

Tyrone and Wade and Cookie Monster

Dirty Jerzey Fresh made Wade Wilson's Wonka-themed shirts

And now Tyrone has a Wonka-themed Wade Wilson shirt

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