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Twist and Shout
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Tyrone Miller Show Episode 12

Dirty Jerzey Fresh: "Spreading the Freshness"

TRENTON -- It's on the Discovery Channel. If you live in Trenton, Discovery is Channel 42 on Comcast. It'll air at 3 o'clock in the p.m. on Sunday, June 24. Tyrone Miller. "Head Games". That's right, bubba, Trentonian TV star Tyrone Miller is back on National TV a couple of years after his successful failure as "America's Worst Cook".

Tyrone Miller. In front of the camera the kid is a natural ham.

You can always call on Tyrone to deliver a funny moment. Today's occurred during a chat with Dirty Jerzey Fresh CEO Travis Stanley of Trenton. What started as a story about the day Tyrone met Travis' mom ended with a funny segue into Ron Jeremy, the porn star.What makes the moment funny is the way Tyrone inflects his voice.

The rest of the chat with Stanley was a home run. The 28-year-old runs a company that's going to blow up any day now. Dirty Jerzey Fresh makes T-shirts and thongs and booty shorts and hoodies and onesies with cool Jersey-centric logos or sayings like FRESH -- only in backward letters. He pulled out a black T with HURTING FEELINGS written in green beneath a green unhappy face and gave it to Tyrone. Cool stuff. I'd definitely represent the freshness. Travis got serious about the business 2 years ago when Samuel Travis Stanley came into the world. Dad named his son after his father, the late Samuel Stanley. Samuel's son will succeed in business because of his mindset.

"You ain't gonna get nowhere thinking negatively," he told Tyrone. Then Travis pulled out some FRESH philosophy. "The only thing you can do by yourself is fail. The minute you lose your ego and come together is the minute you start to succeed." He said "mom and pop joints" and skate shops have supported Dirty Jerzey Fresh. The soulless commercial stores have not. But, Travis said, "we're going to beast our way in."

The show's first guest was Ghandi GPS, who ran the GPS spot for poets and spoken word artists and singers for almost 5 years. The joint on South Warren Street closed because of financial difficulties. But Ghandi, who has a kinship with Tyrone, is promising to keep GPS in Trenton if he can find the right backing. "As a Trentonian I owe that to the city."

Ghandi's real name is Uganda. He's from Jersey City. "I'm as American as Playstation," he said. His mom named him Ghandi as a kid. "It's a hard name to live up to," he told Tyrone after they shook hands and Tyrone noticed it was more of a friendly shake than firm business handshake. Ghandi quotes Bob Marley with lines such as "People are trying to change the world everyday, so why should I take a day off?" and that's why he keeps fighting to bring the GPS back ASAP. "Trenton, I love you -- and GPS will be back with a vengeance."

Jared Broach, a former track and field star at Notre Dame High in the mid-90s, was the second guest and talked about his new e-book called "He Who Has An Eye to See Best Here." It can be found at The title is based off a saying in the New Testament. "When you visualize something and speak it into existence, the better the chance it has to manifest," he told Tyrone.

Tyrone took a big leap in his interviewing skills when he talked about Broach's appetite for women back in the day. Broach did not back away. He said those studly conquest days were great, the time of his life, but that they got old fast, made him realize that "this isn't working for me." He admitted that for a long time he "wasn't treating people too nicely" -- mostly because he was sarcastic. He found God. Then met Alaina. They got married. "My life began to take a dramatic change for the better. She helped me come alive."

Alaina is hosting a movie event from 1:30 to 4:30 Saturday at the Conservatory. The movie is called "Bringing the Spirit". For more information call (609) 433-4140.

Excellent production. Here are some photos and the 31-minute episode.

Tyrone, Uganda and Jared

Jared, Travis and Uganda

Tyrone and Travis

"Spreading the Freshness"

Shake it Up

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