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Twist and Shout
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: L.A. Parker Show Episode 18

TRENTON -- Phyllis Holly-Ward declared that her 1-year term as president of Trenton City Council will not be defined by the sound of crickets. "I'm going to bang the gavel!"

Bang the gavel if her "decorum for council" is not heeded starting the day she assumes the middle of 7 chairs on July 1. Bang the gavel if Councilman Alex Bethea keeps falling asleep during meetings. Bang the gavel if city folks act the fool when city business is being conducted. The woman is going to bang the gavel like Jaye P. Morgan banged the gong to stop Ducky McGinness. Let's just hope Madam President doesn't wield her gavel like a sword and get drunk on power. To quote George Bernard Shaw, "Power does not corrupt man; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power."

Phyllis is the third black woman in Trenton history to be elected council president, following in Kathy McBride's wake. Jennye Stubblefield was the first during the Palmer regime. During her lively chat with L.A. today, Phyllis talked about attending the Island section Garden Tour last week. The Island homes and gardens are among the "best-kept secrets in the city" -- and she talked about how much fun she had hours later at Art All Night. L.A., meanwhile, hammered Mayor Tony Mack for not attending either event. At this point he's like Waldo.

Phyllis said that electing council presidents every year is a good thing for Trenton "especially when you see what you could be stuck with. It's an opportunity for change. It gives the community the chance to see diversity." Cue her best line about democracy and Trenton: "If people don't like it, in 2014 you've gotta do something." She's not running for mayor but believes there ought to be "prerequisites" for folks seeking office so she will be front and center to vet the men and women who want to replace Mayor Tony Mack. There will be a tsunami of candidates. "I can't wait to go to the debates. You have to know very basic information and if you don't I'm going to put you on blast."

Phyllis said the "very short list" of serious candidates for mayor better have a keen understanding of how to marry the business and private sector and, most importantly, the serious candidates are going to disclose the list of people who will be getting jobs. She said there would be no more folks like "Moo Moo" and "Goo Goo" getting plum jobs in the city.

Also on the show were Peter Angerame of TPC Jana Polasma to discuss a fundraiser for "Birdies For the Brave" and the band Stellar to talk about their appearance at the City of Angels Rock Fest this Saturday at Mercer County Park. The drummer's son stole the show in the final minutes talking Little League baseball. Before Stellar was a lovely woman named Betsy to talk about the Rock Fest and mentioned that there will be a dunk tank.

Here's an idea: Every time President Holly-Ward bangs the gavel to jar Councilman Bethea from his drooling slumbers, he has to step onto the tank and everyone in attendance gets one chance to drop him in the water. ... I don't hear the sound of crickets* yet.

* -- you have to watch the episode to understand the crickets reference.

Peter Angerame from TPC Jana Polasna talking "Birdies For the Brave"

Madam President awaiting her seat in the big chair

Madam President's pumps ... and Daria (Phyllis, you can learn a lot from Daria)

Madam President and TAAPF Executive President

Racial harmony at Trentonian TV

Madam President and Pup

Betsy from City of Angels

Stellar singer Jason Wingerter

Stellar guitar player Mark Kain

Stellar drummer Frank Romond and son (who stole the show at the end)

Father and son

Proud father and son)

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