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Twist and Shout
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: L.A. Parker Show Episode 16

"Finally A Healed Wound" by Kidagha Bennett, 15

TRENTON -- Kidagha Bennett was the second Trenton poet on Trentonian TV in 72 hours, another Trenton girl delivering powerful words and emotions as a release to the pain of having a dad who doesn't give a crap about her. If you're Kidagha's dad reading the above sentence, sorry, pal, but your girl is pissed off at you. Kidagha is a 15-year-old 8th-grader at Joyce Kilmer School who won a poetry contest last weekend at Classics Books. Finishing second was Tameia Hamilton, who read her work on Episode 15 of Freedom on Monday.

Kidagha read 2 poems on L.A.'s show  today. They're powered by "hurt" and "a lot of pain and a lot of disgust in my heart." The first one was "Finally A Healed Wound" and it deals with her absent father. It begins "The tears that I cried in front of you were a gift that needed to be given. Every salty drop of tears I left for you were to swim in."

Denise Taylor, a runner who owns of Great Looks 4 Less in the Mercer Mall, delivered a powerful message too about cancer and how it propels her to participate in fundraisers such as Saturday's Care Couture avant garde hair show at Rho Ristorante.

Four stylists will give four models four coiffures that "you wouldn't wear on the streets of Trenton," Denise said. "The themes are rain forest, futuristic and international." The show is in conjunction with the Capital Health Foundation, and donations will go to provide free wigs for women who lose their hair during cancer treatment. Later this year, Denise, whose mom and mother-in-law suffered from breast cancer, and who lost a "dear friend" to the disease, will run the New York City Marathon with "Fred's Team" from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center of Manhattan. Her goal is to raise $6,000.

L.A. broke from the script somewhat to talk about Latinos and the Burg, so he called in El Latino TV en Vivo! host and Trentonian education reporter Carlos Avila for a 10-minute conversation about problems and what needs to be done to stop images such as this:

Carlos took a little bit of umbrage with what L.A. was saying. Carlos said it's only a very small segment of Latinos who are getting kablooey drunk and whatnot. L.A. also mentioned the word "mayor" -- as in the possibility of running for mayor. He said he wasn't ... "yet," which means he's running for mayor.

Yolanda L. Robinson of the Trenton African-American Pride Festival was the final guest and talked about the second TAAPF, which is spread out over a week this year. A funny thing happened with Yolanda Landy Robinson after the episode. She hung around the KdK to talk to me, and one thing led to another, and guess who's joining Trentonian TV? Yolanda Landy Robinson. She's a radio host, a TV personality -- a multi-media mover and shake really -- and one of her projects is Writerz Bloq TV. She told me about Rommell Calhoun of Trenton, who is a video editor, singer-songwriter and playwright, and, well, I watched the editing job Rommell did on the Writerz Bloq TV trailer and said I wanted to work with both of them. That's how fast networking happens. An hour later, Yolanda was interviewing Rommell on Trentonian TV to announce our collaboration. Here is the 90-second trailer for Writerz Bloq TV. The first episode will run on Trentonian TV at 8 o'clock Friday night.

From a production point of view, I don't have many complaints about my effort on L.A.'s show. He and I butt heads like rams often, and as much as I was ready to pull the plug on his show over the most recent spat, which meant no broadcast last week, both of us knew we'd be back here an hour ahead of today's live broadcast. I'm also pretty pleased with my effort in the booth during Yolanda's interview with Rommell.

Here are some photos of both productions and below them is Episode 16 of L.A.'s show.

Kidagha Bennett with L.A. (and mom and her friend in background)

Sweet sneaks, kid

Denise Taylor (left) and Trentonian ad rep Michelle Prunetti

Always ahead of the Times

Kidagha reads her first poem

which is called "Finally A Healing Wound"

And her second poem "My Life"

Denise Taylor

and her runner's feet.

Yolanda Robinson

As they discuss Gwynny's tweet

Carlos and L.A. (and Hunter S. Thompson)
Yolanda Robinson interviews Rommell Calhoun

Expect to see them a lot on Trentonian TV