Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: B.O.Y.D. Students Speak

TRENTON -- Get your shades out because Trenton's young stars continue to shine. Bruce Boyd is the founder of Building Our Youth Development, which teaches kids the finer points of life during their crucial years: puberty and beyond. Bruce is Trentonian TV veteran of sorts having been a guest on L.A.'s show and then on Freedom's show. He's no stranger to the camera or the microphone. He did a radio show for W.I.M.G. for two years. That's why I asked him to find several B.O.Y.D. students and interview them. He said yes, which meant another member of the community joining the Trentonian TV team.

Bruce interviewed 11-year-old Tyshea Brown, 13-year-old Mahki Simmons, 12-year-old Wykia Cooper and 12-year-old Gavin McKenzie. All of them were charming, witty, intelligent. You have to perk your ears up to hear Tyshea, who's a bit shy, although she is a cheerleader. Soon as they left, Trentonian Sports Editor Matt Osborne echoed my feeling that Gavin McKenzie is a smart, smart kid is going farther in life than most. You can hear the strength of his personality in every answer he gives. I'm always listening for future mayors of Trenton, future governors of Jersey, future presidents of the United States of America. Add Gavin McKenzie to that list.

Thanks, Bruce. Great job drawing each kid out during the interview. The most impressive moment, Bruce, is when you asked Wykia about the Langston Hughes poem "Mother to Son" -- and then she recited it by heart.

Here is a photo of each B.O.Y.D. superstar, and the 31-minute interview session follows.

Cutie pie Tyshia




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