Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Tyrone Miller Show Episode 11

TRENTON -- Tyrone was on fire along with his first three guests from So Focus Photography, the official photographer of The Trentonian's LOCAL Page 6 Girls. That's right, women from Trenton, Ewing, Hamilton, Lawrence, Princeton, Hopewell, the Windsors, Morrisville, Falls, Burlco and nooks and crannies in between will be returning to Page 6 very soon. And -- AND! -- we're turning it into a contest where you --YOU! -- vote for the winners.

Corey McCoy, Byron Phillips and Dwight Wiggins comprise So Focus Photography. They are Trenton born and raised, and they do great work with their cameras. They were in fine form with Tyrone, who took the reins off for this episode. He was, dare I say, hyper even though the newsroom was fuller than usual. Yet the louder Tyrone and the SFP folks got, the funnier their material became, the more a couple of the sports guys laughed.

Tianna Armstrong, a Trenton make-up artist, followed the photographers and brought the goods. She even agreed to provide free make-up applications to Page 6 aspirants Saturday.

Then, as a surprise of sorts, Tyrone interviewed Trenton High senior Jermaine Collier. Jermaine showed up early for his live interview with Freedom and was sitting in the green room -- in this case, next to that picture of Hunter Thompson that I love so much. I motioned for Tyrone to interview the Jersey champion hurdler, sprinter and relay anchor, who scored 40 points to help Trenton win its first NJ track team title in 7 years. I think that quickie interview loosened Jermaine up for his 15-minute interview with Freedom.

From a production point of view, this wasn't my finest hour. First, my photos were wretched. I had little room to maneuver my chair to take the photos, and then I couldn't locked into crisp focus so 95% of them were soft. Terrible. Second, I did a poor job having photos from each So Focus Photography photographer at the read for the screen-in-screen action. So I have to work on a few things if I expect to be a champ like Jermaine Collier.

Photos and the episode below:

Corey McCoy with Tyrone (Jermaine and Tianna near Hunter Thompson)

Corey and Freedom hugging one out.

Byrone Phillips aka The Thinking Man

Dwight Wiggins laughing at something zany Tyrone said

Tyrone and the So Focus Crew

Tianna did her lips

Tianna and Tyrone