Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TV Trenton News: We're live

Volunteer groups helping French Towers citizens get up and down the stairs

TRENTON -- You are looking live at the (temporary) new home of TV Trenton News, the only 24-hour news operation that covers the City of Trenton. You might remember this space being called The Incredible Kulk, which highlighted my time as the managing editor at The Trentonian, but I have moved on, and TV Trenton News is my new endeavour. We'll have a new website soon and plan to build Facebook and Twitter pages.

I plan to partner and engage with Trenton businesses and citizens to provide full digital coverage in every aspect of news: breaking, politics, sports, business, day to day minutia, features and everything in between.

And I will continue to produce the TV shows, only I'm changing their names to TV Trenton and TV El Latino. The groundbreaking TV productions are set to begin broadcasting original content within the next 5 days. Freedom Green agreed to continue hosting "Freedom" and Harry Luna wants to do a show on El Latino TV, and I'm pretty sure Tyrone Miller will want to keep doing his shtick on "The Tyrone Miller Show" and we're going to keep growing TV Trenton and TV El Latino.

We have big plans to build TV Trenton News into your one-stop news outlet. It's going to take time to build, but build we will, from the ground up, from East Trenton to South Trenton to North Trenton to West Trenton. TV Trenton News is about you. We have begun to partner with the movers and shakers of Trenton. But we need more help. If you are a business owner in Trenton, there are great reasons to partner with TV Trenton News.

Last night TV Trenton News was at the French Towers at 630 West State Street. The French Towers is a 10-story facility for seniors and the disabled. Lightning from Friday's storm fried all of the elevator controls, leaving the 100 or so residents in a tough spot because they must now climb and descend the stairwells until next Monday. Imagine a 78-year-old woman with bad hips and bad knees trying to walk up 9 flights of stairs two or three times a day, and you'll understand the plight of the folks at French Towers.

That's why several Good Samaritan groups from Trenton stepped up to volunteer for the next 7 days. They belong to groups called Never Give Up and Black Gurlz Who Rock and High Rollaz and NGU and Sisterhood Social Club and Kings & Queens. One vibrant young fella by the name of Beanz belongs to High Rollaz. He weighs about 350 pounds, so getting up and down those stairs can't be easy for him, either. But in between pizza slices he told TV Trenton News why he is volunteering to assist French Towers residents.

TV Trenton News will be back at French Towers throughout the week.