Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

24 Hours of Atelethon: Mr. Collar Biz the Music Maker

TRENTON -- The funky artistic dreams were swirling to life one day inside the Trenton Atelier when a fella by the name of Black Collar Biz heard a music beat that stopped him in his tracks. A bike whisperer by the name of Wills was listening to that music with a killer beat that made Black Collar Biz gooey. That happens to me a lot -- like when I hear Depeche Mode techno-bass thumps or Oasis guitar orgies or certain Olivia Newton-John disco tunes. My Twitter hashtag for these moments is #musicalmarrow. #musicalmarrow devastates you in the best possible way. Just can't get enough when you're walking to the sound of your favorite tune. Have to believe it's magic. Music matters.

Black Collar Biz knew in an instant that he was going to take the bike whisperer's beat and morph it, mash it, stylize it. "My art to the Atelier is my musical aspect," he told Graham Apgar. When Graham asked Black Collar Biz to define his music he said it's not cliche. He doesn't make hip-hop or rap or hippity-hoppity crappity-crap. His music fits no genre.

Byron Marshall -- that's Black Collar's real name -- had a message in mind when he took the #musicalmarrow he heard and turned it into a Mother's Day ode to his grandmother, and all women, who battle their brains every second of every minute of every hour of every day. "I made a song for a depressed woman to keep your head up and stay focused, you are a beautiful person -- and these words are love."

Love is what flows inside the Trenton Atelier, the building at 220 Allen Street behind the Trenton Fire Headquarters. Metalsmiths and building purifiers and candlewaxers and bike whisperers and 58-year-old chefs who fight depression by whipping up artistic cuisine comprise the "dysfunctional family" at the Atelier, which is holding its 24 Hours of Atelethon from 10 a.m. to 10 a.m. Saturday to Sunday. It's a liquidation art sale and entertainment extravaganza and Trentonian Page 6 photo shoot. It's probably about 10 other things.

Anyway, Black Collar Biz will be joining me in the production of the Atelethon. Expect a ton of #musicalmarrow.

Until then, watch Atelier artist Graham Apgar interview his brother, Black Collar Biz. You'll start to understand Black Collar Biz when he talks about the vibe he shares with Graham.