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Twist and Shout
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

El Latino TV en Vivo! Production Notes: En Contacto Con la Comunidad Episodios 15 & 16

TRENTON -- Hola, amigos y amigas!

Yo escribi dos ... er, nevermind. I may know some Spanish but not nearly enough to write it. Anyway, here are the last 2 episodios of En Contacto Con la Comunidad. The 16th episodio means there is a new leader in the clubhouse -- En Contacto has overtaken Trentonian TV's "L.A. Parker Show" for most episodes between the two productions. I think L.A. took his ball and went home. He chose not to do a show this week, so I think he might be done with Trentonian TV. Or maybe Trentonian TV is done with him. It was a nice run, and he produced great segments with terrific guests making a difference in the lives of many.

That all said, Episodio 16 of En Contacto features retired Trenton police detective Luis Reyes and Trenton Liga Amistad futbol reporter Luis Tzoc, who made his second appearance in as many weeks to discuss the local Latino soccer scene. Talks are underway to start a weekly Liga Amistad futbol highlights show, and, we might start featuring a game of the week if we can work out the logistics.

Speaking of logistics, En Contacto Con la Comunidad will now run live at 10 o'clock on Saturday morning. We had to make this change because broadcasting live at 7 o'clock Thursday night was causing too much of a ruckus for the Trentonian sports guys. Deadline is 9:30 on Thursday -- that's right, 9:30. Horrible -- and the hour from 7 to 8 is when crunch time starts becoming serious. A few weeks ago, a restaurant owner pulled out his guitar and started singing (which I had no idea he was going to do), and the sports guys looked at me with serious WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT eyes. It was at that point I began to develop plans to move En Contacto. So we taped Episodio 15 last Saturday morning and held it to premier at 7 o'clock Thursday night. Today's Episodio 16 was broadcast live and will stay up throughout the week. Every new episodio will broadcast live at 10 on Saturday morning. Spread the word. If you are a Latino who loves TV production, please email He needs to train a Latino to produce El Latino TV en Vivo! shows because I just don't know Spanish well enough to keep pace with Carlos and his guests.

Here are photos from Episodios 15 and 16, and below them is Episodio 16 (we'll upload 15 later):

Episodio 15: Maria Lissette Rodriguez, teacher at Robbins Elementary

Maria with Carlos. Luis Tzoc in the background

Maria's hands

And again

Carlos and Luis

Talking Liga Amistad
Episodio 16 : Carlos and Luis Reyes (Luis Tzoc in background)

Please speak up when you're on El Latino TV or Trentonian TV

Carlos and Luis Tzoc

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