Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Tyrone Miller Show (Episode 5)

TRENTON -- Look at the picture above. Anyone who has followed these Production Notes knows a picture like that means the live broadcast crapped out (read: recorded in pieces; or, not at all). Second time this week a Trentonian TV show did that. I fumed but Tyrone said not to cry over spilled milk. "You know what, Tyrone," I said, "sometimes you DO cry over spilled milk." He laughed and assured me it was no big deal.

So then, Tyrone picked Trenton's Marriott Hotel for Episode 5 of The Tyrone Miller Show and chose "Women in Power" as the theme and interviewed Nacone Martin, Demetria Mason-Rogers, Tonetta Blue and Earl Sanders, who is a man in power. The good news is that the stitched-together product has pieces of each.

I thought that being inside the lobby of the Marriott would provide for a strong Internet signal to bolster the AT&T Broadband card inside the Trentonian TV traveling studio camera (read: my laptop). I didn't stop to think that a place like the Marriott has great WiFi, and Trentonian TV co-producer Joe D'Aquila said something smart: that the Marriott's WiFi could have overpowered my broadband service. He said I could have hooked into the WiFi service and powered the Livestream studio that way.

Whatever the case, it is frustrating. Second time this week Trentonian TV broadcast live on location, and the second time a show crapped out because of circumstances beyond our control. We'll figure out solutions.

Corey McCoy showed up in the lobby, which was cool. I met Corey at last week's Tyrone Show, and two hours later he shot track and field photos for The Trentonian. The next day he shot baseball. He possesses great vision and a knowing trigger finger, and the budding photog's photos are fantastic. He showed up to shoot photos during the live broadcast just like I do. I decided then that today's Production Notes would feature his shots interspersed with mine. I'll post his on the Trentonian Photo Flashmob blog, too.

Here is the photo gallery from the Marriott on West Lafayette Street in downtown Trenton:

Joey Kulkin photo: Will Fiona Apple come bang on this ivory?

Joey Kulkin photo: Demetria Mason-Rogers with Rosay

Joey Kulkin photo: Tyrone and Earl Sanders

Corey McCoy photo: Nacone Martin with serious pythons

Corey McCoy photo: Tyrone and Nacone

Corey McCoy photo: Nacone and Tyrone

Joey Kulkin photo: Nacone and Tyrone

Joey Kulkin photo: Friendly

Joey Kulkin photo: Demetria Mason-Rogers and Tyrone

Joey Kulkin photo: Atmosphere inside the Marriott

Joey Kulkin: Corey McCoy in action

Corey McCoy photo: Tyrone Miller

Corey McCoy photo: Demetria talking serious

Corey McCoy photo: Demetria and her Rosay

Joey Kulkin photo: Corey McCoy in action

Joey Kulkin photo: Dude watching Tyrone Miller Show at Marriott

Joey Kulkin: Tonetta Blue owns a line of jewelry called Diva on a Budget

As for Episode 5 of The Tyrone Miller Show, here is 8 minutes of stitched-together action. It's not my best sewing effort, but I suppose 8 minutes of semi-decent editing is better than zero minutes -- and it's much better than a tall glass of tears and milk.