Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Live with L.A. (Episode 11)

TRENTON -- Exit 7A Productions is working on the episode as I type this, and we'll show it for the first time at 7 o'clock. Today's guests were protectors of battered woman and children and Trenton museum lovers and Latin motorcyclists and a yoga queen from Trenton.

The show began with Pup Bolding singing 2 songs, which will be interspersed between the guests. I enjoyed his first performance of a song called "Zoom" by The Commodores. The second song is "Do Your Love," and Pup's guitar riff reminded me of the Anne Murray classic "I Can't Tell You Why" and it transported me to the days of being 9 and my mom driving me to a soccer game somewhere in Villa Park.

Pup plucked his acoustic and stayed in rhythm by tapping his right foot on a tambourine, but what surprised me most was his voice, soft as a feather. In some small way Pup reminded me of a male Sade, not so much by the power of his voice but by the delivery of his emotion. Pup oozes soul.

Here are some shots of him before the camera went live and then during the taping:

The other guest who made taking pictures easy was Christine Donohue, who put on a terrific yoga display to the music of Ravi Shakar. Christine runs Higher Power Yoga Studio on in the Trenton Makes building on South Broad Street -- right next to Trenton Social, home of that world-class Feel-Good Soup, though Christine said she loves Trenton Social's fried mac and cheese balls. They are good, too.

"Namaste, Trenton."

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