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Twist and Shout
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Deshair

TRENTON -- Will Foskey is known around Trenton as Deshair. He'll be known on a global scale once his book "The Relationship Guidebook" takes flight. He and Jamala Kidd, also of Trenton, wrote the 10,000-word opus in e-form "so people can keep it on them ... in their iPhones, their Kindles, their iPads. Wherever they are, they might want to pull it out and see if they're in a situation that they think they can get something out of it."

Deshair said there is no talk of sex in the book because there are so many other issues we must face before getting to the thing that ends up wrecking most relationships. That said, one of the main chapters deals with "how to break-up" and the kind of spiritual cleansing we must go through before moving on to the next relationship.

If only I had that book in 1996. Or 2002.

Deshair is a 1996 graduate of Trenton High. He's everything that's right with Tornado Alley when it comes to applying one's self. His conversations are deep and meaningful, and he never speaks without thinking. I remember the day I met him at the International Cafe on Front Street. I had gone there to talk to the owner for one reason or another, and the chat turned to whites and blacks and race relations, and here came Deshair with unique observations and insights. It let me know right then that the kid is no conversational lightweight. He's also written a ton of magazine and Trentonian features on celebrities such as Ice Cube and John Legend and Ne-Yo and so many others, and @Deshair has hundreds of followers on Twitter because of his Monday Morning motivational e-mails.

The beauty of Friday's interview is that Freedom Green conducted it. Freedom has his own show every Monday morning, but when I'm in a pinch and need a member of the community to fill in at Trentonian TV, he's always ready and willing. Two days earlier he showed up when I needed him to interview Team Hope Director Bill McLaughlin amid the stories breaking in that controversy (which you can read below).

Community helping Community ... that's the kind of relationship Trentonian TV is trying to build with Trenton. Let's never break up, huh?

Here are some photos I took during the interview:

Will "Deshair" Foskey and Darren Freedom Green: 2 of Trenton's finest
"The Relationship Guidebook" is on most e-devices
Have you ever gotten one of Deshair's Monday Motivationals?

Here's the interview with Freedom and Deshair in full:

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