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Twist and Shout
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: The Tyrone Miller Show (Episode 3)

TRENTON -- How many of you have great ideas but never see them through? Yeah, me, too. Well, during the latest installment of The Tyrone Miller Show, which was broadcast live at Mike's Computers and Electronics/Cricket at 228 East State Street in Trenton, the energetic host with the most interviewed 3 people who have followed through on their dreams.

Listen to Mike's business model and tell me it isn't one of the best, most honest things about Trenton. The guy gets it. Meanwhile, Kell Ramos touted his upcoming Trentonian TV series called "Exodus?" and also opened up about the frustration of being "the gang guy" in relation to proving he's a legitimate filmmaker.

After his film contributions to the History Channel show "Gangland," Kell was labeled a gangster, which he says is not true. To prove he was a filmmaker and not a banger, he started Urban Evolution to make movies about the positives coming out of Trenton. Indeed, he is the kind of guy who turned a negative into a positive.

The Anthology Film Archives gave Ramos the Director's Choice Award for "Powerless," his film school thesis last year. "Powerless" will run at the L.A. version of the New York International Independent Film Festival. It'll be Kell's first taste of L.A. I grew up in L.A. and told Kell that he might not come back. The city is a seductress of the highest order. Plus, Kell is a filmmaker's filmmaker -- he's going to make massive Hollywood productions this side of 5 years.

From a production point of view, I didn't do a good job. The low ceilings and fluorescent lighting at Mike's made it difficult to find a good spot to put the Trentonian TV camera. There were glares everywhere I put the camera. I put it on a computer atop a counter near the back because there was a black curtain and very little bad lighting in that area. The other thing I didn't do was center the camera, so Tyrone and his guests are kind of taking up the right two-thirds of the screen. So yeah, I could probably learn a little from Kell.

My pictures were not terrific, either. I haven't had a strong few days taking photos, although, I did like this one of a man sitting against a building on East State Street. I was walking toward Mike's Computers, saw him and knew I had to shoot the moment.

The man asked if I could help a hungry man. I told him I didn't have cash (I didn't) but said I'd bring him back something in a half-hour. A few steps later I was in front of the Kebab House. I decided to go in and get the guy a chicken gyro and fries, but it was still lunch time for state workers and there were a lot of them in the Kebab House so my order took about 15 minutes to make and bag. I went outside excited to give the guy a hot meal -- but he was gone. I was bummed. I walked up and down the street looking for him. No dice.

I turned around again to maybe take one more pass down the street, and that's when I saw Tyrone approaching. I told him I was on a mission to find the hungry man. At that point I decided to just find any man who looked hungry and give him the food. Tyrone joined me, and we scoured the street for guys who looked like they needed nourishment. He was helping me follow through on something I don't do as much as I used to.

Tyrone said to be careful who I ask because some men might not be hungry and will take the act of goodwill as an insult and then cause a ruckus. Tyrone and I walked to the corner of East State and Montgomery. A black dude who looked like he was down on his luck approached the corner. I walked toward him and asked if he wanted a hot chicken gyro and fries. He took the bag and said thanks. At least one hungry belly was fed today. And with good food. The Kebab House makes great gyros.

Here are photos from the show:

Mike the owner of Mike's Computers and Electronics/Cricket

Tyrone with some dude named Pete


Kell Ramos waiting in the wings

Fixing computers is not a glamorous job. But Mike loves it.

Here's a customer at Mike's watching Tyrone's show.

Tyrone and Kell

Tyrone and Kell, again

A man named Rayshawn, who is taking over his dad's business

Tyrone with Rayshawn

Tyrone is a happily married man, with a nice watch

Tyrone and Mike. Mike's business model keeps customers happy

Here is Episode 3 of The Tyrone Miller Show: