Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trentonian TV: NAACP's Ken Gordon to host show

UPDATE AT 6:30 P.M.: Gordon just e-mailed over the topics for his first show. Should be lively. Here's what he wrote:

"1st Guests are Dr. Tamiko Smith (a psychologist) and Loretta Winters (President of Gloucester County NAACP). The topic is "The Attack on African-American Women - Real or Imagined". I did a community forum on this topic in November and it was standing room only and was very, very lively!!! We dealt with the story that showed up in Psychology Today from a Japanese Professor that said African-American Women are the least attractive in the World. We will also deal with the Congressman who said Michelle Obama should be ashamed of herself for promoting programs to combat obesity when she has such a big butt. We are also going to deal with the issue of hair, from Chris Rock's movie - Good Hair and given the rage which occurred from an article saying President Obama's daughters should not have gone on an international trip with him and Michelle with their hair looking disgraceful (it was in braids). We will also deal with the issue of interracial relationships and whether African American women really have a problem with them."

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TRENTON -- I've taken a 1-week break from Trentonian TV to catch my breath a bit and recharge my batteries. I was hesitant at first to shut down the studio, but it's the best decision I've made in a while. Not having to wake up at 6:45 Monday morning -- after working Sunday night -- to prepare for Freedom's 8 o'clock show was great. Not having to rush somewhere Tuesday to set up for the Tyrone Miller Show was great. Not having to wake up at 7:45 today to prepare for "Live with L.A." at 9 was great. Not having to prepare for "Makin' Moves with Phil Jackson" tonight is great. All of those shows are great, and I love to produce them, but this week has been 1,000 percent less hectic by being able to focus on other stuff. Sometimes you really do have to lighten the load a bit.

But ...

I'm already ramping up the start of a new week of Trentonian TV, and the 41st live broadcast will start at 6 o'clock Sunday night when the president of the Southern Burlington chapter of the NAACP, Ken Gordon, joins the cast with his own show called "Words2Action." I'm really happy Gordon accepted my offer to host a show. He was a guest on L.A. Parker's show on Feb. 22. It took just one sentence of him speaking for me to think "I want him to host his own show." We've volleyed ideas on the show's format for about 6 weeks, and now we're ready to launch Trentonian TV's newest show.

"I'm honored to have this opportunity to spark a statewide conversation on topics ranging from race in America to education reform to the Trayvon Martin case," Gordon said in his press release. "Words2Action is a program designed to use modern technologies to discuss present day challenges."

Here is Gordon's press release in full:


And here you can watch Gordon's appearance on "Live with L.A.":

We continue to roar toward the 50th live broadcast of Trentonian TV. The initiative has gone from the seedling of an idea into full-blown Community Engagement. Trentonian columnist L.A. Parker has his own show, but it had to run deeper than that. I needed to get the community involved. I needed community members to host their own Trentonian TV shows. This is their community. It began with Darren Freedom Williams' appearance on L.A.'s show turning into his own show, "Freedom" -- and he is heading into his 8th episode. It continued with Trenton's Tyrone Miller getting his own motivational show, which we now broadcast on location -- his 4th episode is upcoming. Then Side-B radio DJ Phil Jackson joined the lineup with "Makin' Moves" -- he, too, heads into his 4th episode. We're going to add many new shows, including Alicia George's cosmetology-based talk show, and at some point I hope to bring back The Woman to continue "And All That Good Stuff." Not to mention my other baby -- "En Contacto Con la Comunidad" on El Latino TV en Vivo! -- continues to break ground in Trenton's exploding Latino community.

This is the lineup:

8 a.m. Monday -- Freedom
1 p.m. Tuesday -- Tyrone Miller Show
Noon Wednesday -- Live with L.A.
7 p.m. Wednesday -- Makin' Moves with Phil Jackson
6 p.m. Sunday -- Words2Action with Ken Gordon

We are opening Trentonian TV up to the masses, so if you have an idea for a TV show, contact me at jkulkin@trentonian and we'll work to find you a slot.

Keep this in mind, however: Trentonian TV keeps getting bigger and bigger, so at some point we're going to open the Trentonian TV studio to the public with the idea that You will create and host  your own show -- with training by us -- and then we'll slide those shows into the Trentonian TV replay loop.

In the meantime, check out Ken Gordon's "Words2Action" premier. The guy is legit.