Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Edelstein drinks a Pickleback at Killarney's

Welcome to Killarney's Publick House in Hamilton Township

HAMILTON -- Peanut butter and jelly. Mac and cheese. Whiskey and brine. One of these combos ain't like the others.

Our boy Edelstein used Facebook to crowdsource drinks he had never tried before, and thanks to a suggestion by April Nicolo he picked the "Pickleback".

It's a shot of Jameson's whiskey chased by a shot of pickle juice, which seems as logical a combination as chocolate cake frosted with guacamole, yet Edelstein agreed to try this strange, exotic concoction of feel-good liquids

"It has some sort of magic balance," April told Jeff at the bar inside festive Killarney's Publick House at 1644 Mercerville-Whitehorse Road during the live broadcast of the event.

April's entourage was at the bar -- Adrianne, Nicole, Lisa and Francine and some dude -- and they partook in the Pickleback party. Then a seasoned barfly by the name of Mr. Knox knocked one shot back followed by the neutralizer.

Here are the photos (not great because of the low-lighting), but they tell the story:

Jeff with April, Adrianne, Nicole and Lisa

All of them asking for Jameson's and pickle juice

Jackie the barkeep obliging those requests

Jackie the barkeep pouring the pickle juice

Adrianne and Nicole starring down the shots

The moment at hand is approaching ...

The staredown.

And there goes the pickle juice

Only a little dribbling ... the pickle juice ... Jeff tasted.


Nothing says sunny afternoon in Hamilton like liquid lunch

And here is the 10-minute debut of "Picklebacking at Killarney's" ...