Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trentonian TV and El Latino TV en Vivo! Production Notes and a live-chat

TRENTON -- Meatloaf was right: 2 out of 3 ain't bad. OK, that's a bunch of bull. 2 out of 3 sucks. I wanted to go 3 for 3. I wish I knew why "Weekend Dish" is the Trentonian TV production that causes so much strife for us. Hilary Morris and Kirsten Yard hosted Episode 6 today with special guest C.C. Fowler. The ladies brought great energy, but I screwed things up again for reasons I'm still trying to figure out. I don't think it's a Google+ Hangout thing -- it's the format we use to broadcast the show with Livestream Procaster. All that matters is that the show did not record. It came over as 18 or 20 pieces, and all of those little boxes that I've written about before were empty. It's the worst feeling in the world. The only proof that the show went live -- after the second try -- are the photographs. This is the second or third time "Weekend Dish" has not recorded. The apology probably falls on deaf ears, but I'm sorry, Hilary and Kirsten and C.C. And to Hilary and Kirsten, we will keep doing this until we get it right -- and then "Weekend Dish" will thrive.

At 7 o'clock, I switched into Gringo-Latino mode and produced Episode 9 of the El Latino TV en Vivo! talk show "En Contacto Con la Comunidad" with Carlos Avila. Tonight's episode was chock-full of beauty queens, so the trigger finger was busy trying to capture their tiaras and glitter'd shoes and sparkly dresses and all that good stuff. There was one part I enjoyed, when Carlos asked the final girl -- I think it's Odalis -- what she likes to eat, and she said mac and cheese. Carlos must have said something to the effect that she's a simple girl who probably uses the microwave a lot, and she laughed. Carlos had 3 other males guests, but who was really paying attention at that point? The first fella was from Hightstown and talked about a taxi flap taking place up there. The last 2 fellas talked about Emily Fisher Charter School and the difficult prospect of placing 300 students from the failing school back into Trenton High. As if Tornado Alley needs more kids -- out of 325 or so schools in Jersey, TCHS ranks in the bottom 10 in everything non-sports.

From a production standpoint, we tried something new on "En Contacto Con la Comunidad." Carlos is doing a great job getting Latino businesses to advertise. The newest one was Family Supermarket on Liberty just west of Chambers. Carlos and I went there in the afternoon so I could shoot a quick "commercial" video and to get a few still shots. Oh, the commercial isn't the greatest thing in the world, but it's not the worst thing you'll ever see. That's not so important. What is important is that I was able to hit this button and that in the middle of the show to run the commercial, which I uploaded on YouTube. Carlos' volume went silent, and the commercial began to play with volume, and then after the commercial I muted the speakers carrying the volume to it and went back to volume that picked up sound through the USB microphone. It was a success though I have to work on the transition before and after the commercials. Still, it s\eems like I was owed that little triumph after the "Weekend Dish" debacle 9 hours earlier.

It has been a long day. Estoy cansado. Here are shots from En Contacto Con la Comunidad:

The mac and cheese queen

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