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Twist and Shout
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Live with L.A. Episode 10 (new digs)

UPDATE AT 4:30 P.M. -- This is why we partnered with Exit 7A Productions: Excellence. The polished show is what Joe D'Aquila and I envisioned when we talked about farming out some of the Trentonian TV shows. Here is Trentonian TV's Episode 10 of "Live with L.A." shot in conjunction with Exit 7A Productions of Trenton:

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Exit 7A Productions

TRENTON -- Trentonian TV's partnership with the Greater Trenton community has begun, and Episode 10 of "Live with L.A." was taped before a live studio audience at Exit 7A Productions on Front Street in downtown Trenton. We're excited to team up with Exit 7A Productions because you'll see a polished show thanks to Scott Miller (the middle guy in the photo above) and his team of Rick Plumeri (standing up) and Andrew Allshouse (left). It takes only a few minutes to see how well they work their mojo in concert.

They work out of the Exit 7A studio, which looks more like a barn that's full of guitars and congas and a sad ol' piano that probably hasn't been played in a decade and music recording equipment and a framed picture of a Van Gogh painting and a heavy chain that dangles from ceiling beams and so many other cool little things. It's nice to broadcast from the dark barn because there's so much more elbow room and maneuverability for guests to come in and out of the set, as well as for me to take production pictures.

Miller said his team spent hours building the set for L.A.'s show, which had been broadcast live in The Trentonian newsroom for the first 9 episodes. It's the first Trentonian TV show to hit double figures for episodes. No. 10 will be shown at 7 tonight. We're trying to find the right time slot to generate the best audience. His guests were Trenton City Councilman George Muschal, who said that Mayor Tony Mack swore in new Police Director Ralph Rivera at 9:30 Tuesday night. Other guests were Trenton Library Director Kim Matthews, the first 3-time guest in Trentonian TV's 43-broadcast history, then Gary Gray, who talked Earth Day clean-up activities in Hamilton's Bromley section, then youth hoops maven Tim Gibson.

Matthews had the line of the day when, in relation to the importance of keeping libraries open, she said that "music and art are what gives us our souls."

It was a tight 35-minute show, but even I have no idea how the finished product will look till later. Exit 7A Productions will shoot the next 3 Live with LA. episodes -- and possibly other Trentonian TV shows.

Until then, here are the photos I took. They're not great. Because it's dark in the Exit 7A studio, the camera phone doesn't lock into tight focus unless I'm near a strong light source. It is frustrating, but I will work hard to improve my skills.

Effectron II

Scott Miller adjusting the overhead mic

Scott Miller (left), Rick Plumeri (right) and me in the camera

Trenton City Councilman George Muschal, and Van Gogh

L.A. and George

L.A. and George, and Scott directing Andrew Allshouse

Coupla guitars

I want Fiona Apple to come bang on these keys

Exit 7A Production studio

The chain adds a nice barn'y look

Trenton Library Director Kim Matthews -- Trentonian TV's first 3-time guest

Tim "Big Dog" Gibson

L.A. and Gary Gray talking Earth Day clean-up in Bromley

Exit 7A team in action

Big Dog's and L.A.'s feet