Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Freedom (Episode 8)

TRENTON -- Look at Darren Freedom Green, all grown up in the land of Trentonian TV. The man has matured so much since his first episode eons ago, when he didn't look one guest in the eye, stared at himself on the screen and just seemed overwhelmed by the mesmerizing reality of the lights, camera, action! Now he's on a Mike Wallace roll -- or so he says with a laugh -- but the greatest thing about Freedom is the way he always agrees to step up to the mic when I need someone to interview a newsmaker.

Freedom is a great guy, always striving to improve himself and the Trenton community that is down for the count these days -- although it hasn't given up quite yet. Trenton still has a fighting spirit. If only it could end its murderous spirit.

Anyway, I told Freedom about Dr. Ken Gordon's production team that came into their Trentonian TV debut Sunday night with a meticulous plan to succeed, even showed Freedom a picture of the notes that producer Tay Walker was keeping minute by minute. Freedom was impressed, dare I say intimidated? And if he wasn't intimidated, he was at least curious about how he might improve as a host. Says a lot about the guy. He has decided to be his best, like Booker T. Washington.

Freedom's guests were Red Locs and Nichole Townes, who co-hosted the Natural Hair Fashion Show last week amid great fanfare. Red Locs runs her business Loc Majesty Natural Hair Wellness Center inside Walt's Barber Shop (for now). She said the attitude of her business is about "maintenance, style, about lovin' your hair, the skin you're in, embracing your culture."

Another team, Eric D.J.E. Rainey and Mike Ingram, talked about their April 28 show that celebrates family called "Daddy's Little Girl." Here's the poster for the event:

Rainey and Ingram brought the goods mentally, spiritually, verbally -- proving again that Trenton is not full of thug men who can't put a noun, verb and object together in the same sentence without it being "Bitches be ho's and shit -- and pass da 40 and spark dat Reggi, yo!" Ingram gave a shout out to his parents, who have been married for 35 years. He has a job with the city. He has a new daughter. He's a family man.

Marge Caldwell-Wilson, a Scottish lass and Trenton City Councilwoman, was the final guest, and she brought the goods when discussing her role in the north chunk of Makes-Takes. She is angry that a woman by the name of Lisa Whittaker runs around the city in a city car with a city phone closing city programs in city buildings -- programs such as the Fell Street Food Pantry, which feeds up to 400 families a month. Caldwell-Wilson promised an investigation by her City Council colleagues to find out how and why a woman of Whittaker's repute is an employee on Mayor Tony Mack's watch.

Watch the episode. Shoot Freedom ideas on how he can improve. He was receptive to the few pointers I gave him after his 61-minute episode today. Next week's Episode 9 could be his best one yet because he has booked former Trenton rec director Sam Frisbee, now a Mercer County freeholder -- and a guy that many believe will run for mayor in 2 years. Freedom also hopes to get City Council President Kathy McBride. To his credit, Freedom has interviewed 4 of the 7 council people: George Muschal, Zach Chester, Phyllis Holly-Ward and Marge Caldwell-Wilson. Let's hope the other 3 -- McBride, Alex Bethea, Verlina Jackson-Reynolds -- don't run and hide from Freedom when he invites them to answer questions.

Here are the photos I took during the show:

Red Locs. She was nervous.

Red Locs has style, and a pierced forehead

Nichole "Butta" Towns enjoyed a line by Freedom as he interviewed Red Locs

Butta Stylin'

Butta was nervous, too

Mike Ingram listens to his buddy talk about Daddy's Little Girl

North Ward Councilwoman Marge Caldwell-Wilson waits

Ingram makes a point

Large crew on tap today

Eric D.J.E. Rainey watches his buddy deliver


Marge Caldwell-Wilson has a great Scottish brogue

Here are her feet

And her hands

Are Rainey and Butta being let down by Mayor Tony Mack

They're hanging on every word Caldwell-Wilson spoke

Eric Rainey
And here is Episode 8 of Freedom: