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Twist and Shout
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: The Woman, Freedom & Edelstein

TRENTON -- I'm killing 3 stones with one angry bird here.

On Sunday night, The Woman was terrific in Episode 2 of "And All That Good Stuff." She talked about the need for Apple to relocate from China to the U.S. to provide jobs for the types of kids who continue to slash tires in Trenton and Philly, the need for Trenton's inept leaders to stop acting like imbeciles with the City Hall toilet paper crisis, and the need for Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to grow up and stop calling Navy Seals idiots. She also laughed several times, and when she laughs I laugh because she has a great laugh.

Here she is in action last night (click to enlarge):

She sits in our dark conference room for the show because she's usually in the dark at home while calling our Google Voice BackTalk hotline to leave her 3-minute screeds.

Here is The Woman's second episode of "And All That Good Stuff." It's good stuff.

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Meanwhile, Trenton's Darren Freedom Green hosted Episode 4 of "Freedom" on Monday morning. From a production standpoint, the show was excellent. Despite little sleep, I didn't miss a beat with graphics or screen-in-screen. But, Freedom wasn't on top of his game, like he was a half-click behind his guests. Only afterward did he say a cold had been hanging over his head. His guests were Fareeda Stokes, Alysia Welch-Chester and Jim Golden. Here are a few still shots. I took the shot of Alysia (left) and Fareeda after their appearances. I always find it fascinating how people interact in the post-post-modern technology age. Easier to be nose-deep in gadgets than to chit-chat.

I liked this artsy shot a lot of Freedom interviewing Golden, former civilian police director in Trenton. He's a well-spoken man who wants the job again. Freedom and Golden are in the left corner with a picture of Golden as the main image. This is screen-in-screen action.

Here is Episode 4 of "Freedom" in full:

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The final set of production notes is for Monday's High Noon drawing of the 32-bar bracket for The Trentonian's "Best Place to Have a Drink and Watch March Madness" tournament. I don't think that's the official name of the tournament, but you get the point. The idea came about after colleagues Mike Topel and Joe D'Aquila and Jeff Edelstein saw the same type of bracketology -- only for characters in the TV show "The Wire" -- at

Our think-tank decided to crowdsource the best watering holes to watch these 3 weeks of college hoops, so we put the question out there on, and the suggestions flooded in to the point we had 32 places in Greater Trenton, both sides of the river, from Tir Na Nog in Hamilton to the Morrisville Tavern. We named the regions Beer, Vodka, Whiskey and Tequila. Some of the first-round games are ball-busters. Killarney's vs. Tir Na Nog? That's Final 4 material. JoJo's Tavern vs. Rossi's? That could be the title game! But as it stands, it's a crazy early game, just like the potential for Duke-Kentucky in the South Region final. Yeah, like the NCAA committee didn't plan that matchup.

Listen, folks, voting has been vigorous in the 3 hours since the brackets went live at As of 3:20 Monday afternoon, Killarney's leads Tir Na Nog 28-25. This one's going to the wire.

Anyway, D'Aquila handled production duties for the live broadcast, and Edelstein did the drawing. Here are some photos (always click on the photos to enlarge them):

Here is a replay of the drawing:

Watch live streaming video from trentonian at

Just in case you missed it, vote for the best March Madness watering hole HERE.

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