Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: "And All That Good Stuff" Episode 1

TRENTON -- This show was a no-brainer after I heard the woman on our Google Voice BackTalk hotline. Well, after hearing her the 100th time or so. She calls and calls and calls and calls and uses every second of the three minutes allotted.

In some calls she sounds doped up, in other calls she sounds sloshed seven ways till Sunday. And other times it sounds like she's calling from Bellevue. Those are just some of the ways people described the woman after we first posted a list of her calls on The Trentonian's Facebook page. I told her what others had said. She laughed and replied that during her phone calls she's neither doped, drunk or in a dungeon for psych patients. The only thing she takes is medicine for blood pressure. In person she's sweet, funny, gregarious, imaginative, talkative, free-spirited -- all of the attributes you think of while listening to her calls.

To listen to some of her calls click HERE.

The premise of "And All That Good Stuff" is this: "The Woman" will sit in front of the camera, rambling into a phone about Trenton Mayor Tony Mack and Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and the woeful state of Trenton (City of, capital of) and every other issue between here and the there. Is some of the rambling incoherent? Eh, I wouldn't call it mishmosh or jabberwocky. They're just the ideas and ruminations of a woman who pays attention to the world around her and forms opinions, and enjoys sharing those opinions with the world around her. As far as the show's title, she uses that line to end her phone calls sometimes. There's a nice ring to "And All That Good Stuff." It rolls off the tongue, as do thousands and thousands of her words.

I loved how Episode 1 looked in terms of the low lighting and shadows so that you could never quite tell what she looks like. We set up in the dark conference room at The Trentonian and left the hall light on, and that provided us the silhouette effect. I love how it looks. I love how you can barely tell she's talking into the phone. She said this is kind of how it looks when she calls at home.

The first 6-7 minutes were somewhat choppy. She was nervous. But the final 10-12 minutes were fetching because she found her groove and unleashed the torrent of words. I expect better things next Sunday at 9 o'clock. Spread the word and tune in.

Below is Episode 1 of "And All That Good Stuff" in full.

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