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Twist and Shout
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: "Live with L.A." (Episode 6)

TRENTON -- I screwed up.

The live broadcast went off without a hitch for the most part -- after an excellent start, the stream broke about 9 minutes in so I had to restart again. But the final 35 minutes were as strong as the opening, so I was confident with what I knew would be a finished product. The plan was to stitch the recorded pieces into one and slide it into the replay loop, easy-peasy. But it wasn't easy-peasy.

I screwed up.

Somehow I dragged the first recorded piece over another piece from a different show, and those pieces melded into a 17-second piece, and I knew what I did the second I did it, and my god, I was ready to burst.

That's not the worst part. I begrudgingly accepted my boner and resolved to make the 35-minute piece work. Only problem is the final minute of the first guest's appearance led that 35-minute piece, and I wanted to edit that out in a re-recording. But I couldn't make that process work. For an hour or more I was doing what I thought I did the other day during post-production. But I wasn't. I wasn't doing it the right way, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why. In a nutshell, I had to "cue" the clip then hit the record button. For 75 minutes I was cueing the clip and hitting record. I sat through that 35-minute clip twice thinking it was re-recording. It wasn't. Idiot me.

But that's not the worst part. No, that was when I deleted the file altogether. Not sure how that happened. It's the worst thing I've done as Executive Producer of Trentonian TV. Ya may as well demote me to gaffer or something. Shit, make me assistant grip or better yet, coffee gopher. I farked up. Yes, L.A's show played for the live audience, but there is no recording for anyone else who might have wanted to see and hear what the guests had to say. I don't like to use adverbs anymore, but I was TERRIBLY bummed for hours.

L.A.'s many guests were great and engaged in wonderful conversation.

But the only proof of the show is this photo of L.A.'s one-man house band, Pup Bolding, performing Eddie Van Halen's "The Eruption" on his acoustic guitar. Pup's a cool dude. Can't help but think of Lil Wayne when you see him.

Anyway, sure, I'll learn from my mistakes. There's nothing wrong with making mistakes and learning from them. I just don't like making those mistakes. I'm the Executive Producer of Trentonian TV! Executive Producers don't make those mistakes! The Kulk is angry because the show had all kinds of great interviews that Greater Trenton needs to see: compelling, articulate, thoughtful conversations spanning several important topics.

I felt like I robbed the audience of their weekly steak.

For what it's worth, Pup is fingering his baby in an impromptu version of The Eruption? See, Eddie and Alex Van Halen were at New Life Christian Church 18 hours earlier. L.A. told Pup, and Pup was, like, "Ahh, man!" because he's a fan of Eddie Van Halen and wanted to meet him along with everyone else who was lucky enough to be there. After getting a call from his pastor asking if he'd ever heard of the rock band "The Van Halens," L.A. laughed and corrected the pastor then raced back from Florence, where he was eating Chinese food. Anyway, L.A. asked Pup to demonstrate The Eruption. And that's when I snapped him fingering the chords like one of his guitar heroes.

It was good, and the Pup interview was a nice way to end Episode 6 of "Live with L.A."

I'm sorry that you can't watch it.

I screwed up.

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