Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Dish, No. 1 Crush ... and "Chui"

TRENTON -- That's the video for "No. 1 Crush" from the band Garbage. The song was in the movie "Romeo & Juliet" with DiCaprio and Danes. The song is musical marrow for the soul. I've always thought it needed to be used for an Olympic ice-skating routine.

I thought of "No. 1 Crush" today when Hilary Morris of Hilary Morris Public Relations interviewed a shy, 20-something editor from Hilary and Jenni Maier talked about Josh Hutcherson, the actor who Crushable named the No. 1 Crush for Hollywood stars under 25. Hutcherson is one of the many pretty faces in "The Hunger Games" franchise, men and women, that will spawn the next generation of magazine covers.

One of my No. 1 celebrity crushes since the early '90s is Shirley Manson, of Garbage.

So yeah. Crushable and No. 1 Crush were themes of the morning as Morris and Maier talked about why Hutcherson is this week's top throb.

The PR person e-mailed me asking if I was interested in doing the interview. Not really. But at Digital First Media we're big into partnering with the community. That's not perception. It's reality. Crowdsourcing is our mantra, and Morris was too happy to take the interview off my hands even though she's not a reporter. I knew she'd prepare like one, though, and the 15-minute chat in the Google+ Hangout format was really pretty solid. Poor Maier was using an old laptop and/or a wretched webcam, so every time she moved she went out of focus, and it looked like she was floating in a vat of jelly or something. But she's a sharp kid who knows Young Hollywood, and she engaged well with Morris.

From a production point of view, the G+ Hangout live broadcast could've been stronger, but that's my fault. We didn't even show a picture of Hutcherson. It wasn't my finest hour in the production booth. Such is life. Ish happens. Anyway, we'd like to set up more of these citizen-led interviews on Trentonian TV, be it with editors or celebrities, so e-mail if you're interested.

Here is Morris' interview in full.

Watch live streaming video from trentonian at

Her big interview took place 20 minutes after Episode 2 of "Weekend Dish" with ... Hilary Morris! and Kirsten Yard. Actually, after Take 2 of Episode 2. I was having all kinds of production issues and stopped Take 1 about 13 minutes into the show. I felt bad. Then again, everyone involved -- Hilary, Kirsten, me -- needed a second take.

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"Weekend Dish" and the No. 1 Crush interview weren't the first order of business Thursday morning. No, that was the DocTalk live-chat at 8 a.m. with Dr. Ben Wedro. The theme was your kids and steroids. Next week we're going to talk about cancer and Alzheimers and stuff. Please join us.

The day's 4th major event was Episode 7 of "En Contacto Con la Comunidad" on El Latino TV en Vivo! at 7 o'clock. We all had a grand ol' time. There were a ton of guests on Jersey's hottest new talk show, including a cook at Trentini's named Jesus Garcia -- who goes by "Chui." The funniest thing is when Chui went all David Caruso on the audience by wearing shades during the interview with El Latino Expreso Editor Carlos Avila.

But let me tell you about Chui. He's one of the elite cooks in Trenton, and he whips up one of the 10 best soups I've ever eaten: cream of crab. Then again, everything Chui whips up is  perfect. Every dish at Trentini -- in the Roebling Marketplace -- is made fresh, which is why it takes a few minutes longer for the meal to arrive. Totally worth it, though.

Here's a picture of the cream of crab Chui Caruso made me the other night. I urged Avila to bring him onto the show to celebrate his culinary talents.

There are a ton of photos from this episode of "En Contacto Con la Comunidad."

The episode ran 70 minutes because there were so many guests. Good times.

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Well, I'm into Hour 17 today. It's been a long week, and my perception is crooked right now.

But before I fall into unconsciousness, gracias, Zarina!

And sweet dreams, Shirley.