Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

El Latino TV en Vivo! Production Notes: Fail

TRENTON -- The powers that be in this company made a mistake of Biblical proportions by scrapping El Latino Expreso. This week's edition ...

... is the last edition of the free paper that catered to Trenton's massive Latino population that continues to explode by the day. In 2020, Trenton will be a Latino Town.

El Latino Expreso Editor Carlos Avila and I talked this week about the paper for which he has so much passion, the paper for which he spilled so much blood; Carlos is a one-man shop. No one in this town works harder to give Latinos the news they need, which is why I began El Latino TV en Vivo! It's my Digital First initiative to give Trenton's Latino community another portal to one of its most important assets, Carlos Avila.

And yet, fue puesta a secar.

Carlos said something this week that stunned me: Latino advertisers were all but begging him to buy ads in his paper -- but he didn't have the authority to sell ads, and there was no one else to handle the business. Makes zero sense. Now the other free Latino publication in Trenton is going to make all of the advertising dollars and cents.

What's great is that we're keeping Carlos on the Trentonian staff. I suggested to one boss that we add 2 pages to the Trentonian print edition and have Carlos do those pages in Spanish. But I doubt the putzes will do something as smart as that.

Carlos is everything that's right in journalism: he reports and explains the issues and is a vital member of a community that has grown to trust his word. But the powers that be don't understand that concept. You might be asking who that man in the shirt with a 2 on it is. His name is Domingo Cerda, and he needs a new kidney. He's a poor Latino who Carlos was trying to help by introducing him to the Latino community in an effort to raise money to pay for Domingo's dialysis.

And that leads me to ...

Part II: the frustration continues.

Tonight's live broadcast of "En Contacto Con la Comunidad" (Episode 7) did not record. Had it recorded, people who missed the live broadcast could have watched the replay for information on how to help Domingo Cerda. Luckily, my translation assistant, Zarina Paz, wrote down the Sovereign Bank account number that you can donate to: 1951138376.

It's the second show (Live with L.A.) that failed to record. Here's the moment that jolted my heart for the second time this week. Click on the photo and look for the white arrow. See what it points to? A box with nothing inside. It means the broadcast did not record.

I might know why, but that reason may not be the reason why the show failed to record tonight. If you've read this blog since the inception of Trentonian TV, you'll know that we use Livestream as the broadcast service, as well as another recording tool called Procaster. Well this is where I might have farked up tonight. I began recording in the Procaster. Then I realized I forgot to log out of The Trentonian's Livestream page and log into El Latino Expreso's Livestream page. I like the Livestream studio because it allows me to activate graphics, such as a person's name and organization and whatnot. I like how the Livestream studio and Procaster work in tandem.

So, I tried logging into El Latino TV's Livestream studio about 2 minutes into the show. I knew I was taking a big risk -- a worthy risk because I want the audience to know who Carlos is talking to if they've just tuned in, not to mention for the replays. Trentonian TV co-producer Joe D'Aquila has told me a few times that using Livestream and Procaster in tandem could cause a rip in the time-space continuum and create confusion between the dueling recording devices.

Here is the Procaster "Go Live" screen:

When you hit "Go Live" you get this control panel:

See how it says PERFECT STREAMING? Well, that's what it said throughout tonight's broadcast of "En Contacto Con la Comunidad" so I had no reason to believe it wasn't recording the show. Same thing Wednesday morning with L.A.'s show.

But what if I had only recorded with Procaster tonight and not logged into our Livestream studio during the broadcast? There's still a chance the Procaster broadcast would not have recorded. Right now I don't have the answer.

The same way I don't have the answer as to why our corporate overlords scrapped one of the important portals to the Latino community: El Latino Expreso.