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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trentonian TV Production Notes: Tyrone Miller Show (Episode 2)

TRENTON -- Broadcasting live on location, as Trentonian TV did for just the fourth time, involves all sorts of challenges. Some of those challenges I can control, others I cannot. One of the things I could have controlled for Episode 2 of the Tyrone Miller Show was the lighting by way of the setting. But because I chose to set up shop at the bar, sunlight flooding through the front window at Trenton Social, the quality of the show was affected.

Here's a visual to better explain:

That's Tyrone over near the top-left corner. Trenton was drunk on sunshine today, which doesn't bode well for Trentonian TV's traveling studio camera (read: my laptop) if it isn't tilted away from the light. You'll see what I mean once you hit play. The webcam isn't liking all of that light flooding in -- the coloring of Tyrone's clothes and hat and such look a bit washed out. It's not the worst thing in the world. The lighting would have looked so much more lush had I chose to broadcast from the other side of Trenton Social, the fantastic eatery slash performance hall on South Broad Street.

The show would have had a crisper look, too, had we broadcast where the folks in that photo were dining. But there was hustle and bustle on the other side, which is why I wanted Tyrone to do his show there. The crowd of women dining on lunch behind Tyrone added a nice touch to the show -- he engaged them at the start and got a little Arsenio'esque woof-woofin'. Well, whatever the lady woof-woof is these days.

Tyrone's theme this week was non-religious faith. The comedian is a master speaker, a master in the sense that he makes it impossible for me to stop listening to him once the ideas avalanche from mind to mouth to mic. He's funny, yes, but his words are full of wisdom and insight. He's only 34.

More than anything, Tyrone is a master motivator. I don't want to infringe upon his gospel this week by quoting any lines here. That's what the play button below is for.

As for the production ... again, mistake No. 1 was setting up in the wrong spot, but that's not the worst error in the world. You can see and hear Tyrone just fine.

The other breakdown of sorts was out of my control. It involved the Internet connection and what it did to the live feed. A Twitter friend @whataimeewants said she tuned in live but lost the feed. The show streamed the entire time, so I have no idea what she's talking about, but the Internet connection was wonky and caused screwy behavior with the Livestream and/or Procaster. At least that's what I think happened. The recorded version showed up in the library in 6 pieces -- but I was thrilled to see that the show did record. And, most of those pieces were in good shape though segments of those pieces were worthless and edited out. I downloaded all of the pieces and edited them in Windows Movie Maker.

About 2 minutes of Tyrone's material died on the delete-room floor. It left me with about 14 minutes of material. I embedded photos of the people Tyrone talked about in relation to taking leaps of non-religious faith to achieve the ultimate rewards: Mark Zuckerberg and Samuel Jackson and the Wright Brothers and George Bush Jr. and 50 Cent and President Obama and Beyonce and her dad.

Windows Movie Maker is pretty solid when it comes to editing, but I'd rate my effort about 80 percent today. I could have done a stronger job transitioning the clips, indeed I probably could have gotten up to 90 percent with a little more patience. And to think I had a big bowl of Feel-Good Soup after the show. Whatever.

On the other hand, the photos I took of Tyrone in action and the overall ambiance at Trenton Social are good. To me, anyway. I took about 100 shots. Lately my photographer's eye has had a big appetite, so while Tyrone did his thing I did mine with the Galaxy SII phone, snapping from all corners of the joint. All of that sunshine helped me in a few of the shots, especially the one that shows Tyrone's silhouette. The masterpieces on the wall belong to one of the planet's wonderful artists, Will Kasso of Trenton.

Yes, Trenton has a modern-day PiKasso. 

My favorite photo is the one in which Tyrone has his arm around the shoulder of Trenton Social owner, T.C. Nelson. It says so much about Tyrone. He's good people. And T.C. cooks some of the best cuisine in America, from the filet mignon sandwich to the Feel-Good Soup -- which ranks in my all-time Top 10. It's chicken stock with shrimp, snap peas, portabella mushrooms and penne pasta.

Anyway, here's what I captured inside Trenton Social (click to enlarge them) during a quality Episode 2 of the Tyrone Miller Show. The kid's energy's is so infectious.

And here is the show:

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