Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: Dear Paris Review ...

"The MAU 6" inside Fiddlehead's Graffiti Vault on March 20

BENNINGTON -- Art Gallery Dude noticed a peculiar update on the Paris Review's Facebook page last week. Here's a screenshot ...

The full status update reads:

"Here at 62 White Street, preparations for our Spring Revel are in full swing! Our office is brimming with loot for our guests -- limited-edition Paris Review tote bags; archival copies of the magazine; our recent anthony of short stories, "Object Lessons"; loads of books by Paula Fox, the Revel's honoree and the recipient of this year's Hadada Award; and surprises yet to be revealed.

"Variously described as "the best party in town' and 'prom for New York intellectuals,' the Spring Revel is legendary for a reason. Tuesday, April 9, join Paris Review readers, supporters, and writers at Cipriani 42nd Street for an always unforgettable evening of cocktails, dinner, and revelry. Writer hosts include Hilton Als, Michael Cunningham, James Fenton, Zoe Heller, Lewis Lapham, Katie Roiphe, Leanne Shapton, Wallace Shawn, Zadie Smith, Gay Talese, and many more.

"Get your tickets here."

What makes that update interesting is the photo showing a box full of packing peanuts and books, because Art Gallery Dude has blogged time and again about new items that arrive at Fiddlehead at Four Corners in boxes packed with peanuts. There's the Walla Walla entry and the Vindicator entry and the Beauty and Despair entry and there are photos ...

... he also has tweeted the literary mag with links to those blogs, and so what makes this Paris Review status update unique is that it dropped hours after AGD had tweeted a link (Buddha 12, Kulkin 0) to @ParisReview; we wouldn't be surprised if Paris Review has a G+ page let alone a Pinterest page, Tumblr page and Instagram page too. Indeed, if only Plimpton knew in '53 where his pulp baby would end up going one day ...

... but anyway.

Long and short of it is AGD thinks the Paris Review enjoys the Incredible Kulk's blog and goes to great length to show its love by emulating some of the content. Wilde's quote ought to be updated to reflect our brave new world: Good bloggers borrow, great Facebookers steal. That's to say Art Gallery Dude is flattered by the Paris Review's imitation.

Sadly, AGD can't attend the "prom for New York intellectuals" because 1) he has as much intellect as a coked-up monkey flinging poo in a cage and 2) he'll be judging entries in the contest to see which Mount Anthony student's Graffiti Vault masterpiece will grace the cover of "Chalk It Up 3!"

So, MAU artistas, it's on! AGD wants to see your best wall vandalization like "The MAU 6" demonstrated last week. You have till April 9 to come to Fiddlehead to Chalk It Up! and have AGD take your picture next to your submission. Spread the word.

Now then ...

What makes this blog entry a little more special is the package that arrived today from the great northern wilds of Virginiatown, McGarry, Ontario, Canada ...

... no packing peanuts but plenty of tissue paper and bubble to protect Sylvia Grantins' acrylics on canvas. Fiddlehead's relationship with Sylvia is forevermore because her first batch of 8 panels sold in about 6 weeks. AGD opened that first box and took a fast cotton to the Canadian girl because of way she titled "She Wandered Into A Field Of Poppies" -- and then blogged a story about her. What life must be like 450 miles NORTH of Buffalo!

He probably tweeted the blog to @ParisReview because why not?

12 more Syl-signed pieces arrived in the box today. These are the first 11 ...

Winter's Night 8x8

The Red Barn 8x8

Summer Cabin 8x8

Winter Sun 8x8

Geese 8x8

Daisy Field 8x8

Country Church 8x8

Lightning 8x8

She Wandered Into A Field of Poppies 8x8

Flowers 24x24

Laundry 8x8
For videos of customers who have bought
Sylvia's pieces at Fiddlehead, click HERE

It's the 12th piece that generated a little more emotion that the others ...

... AGD commissioned Sylvia to make this 24x24 personalized canvas for the owners of Fiddlehead at Four Corners art gallery, Joel and Nina Lentzner.

Joel and Nina met at Bennington College in '87. He arrived from L.A., she from Iowa City.

They graduated in '91, went into the world, found each other in Iowa in '93 and graduated with Master's degrees two years later. They moved to North B, then Shaftsbury, and started a furniture business in '97, bought the old marble bank building in 2000 and turned it into a "fine, fun, funky and functional" art gallery. Then they got married and started a family.

Along the way, 13 years and going, they've put up with the planet's biggest putz too many times to remember, so this Sylvia Grantins masterpiece is about the best way he could say Thank You.

They loved it, Sylvia. Thank You!

Its placement between Steph and Graham above the Graffiti Vault makes it shine brighter.

Well, it's time to go. Mostly because these just arrived and AGD smells peanuts ...

Dear Paris Review: Can you send Gay Talese up here
April 9 if he doesn't come to your party? Thanks.