Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: The Unsettling But Alluring Effect of Brian Hewitt's "Park-McCullough" Series

Park-McCullough House: "Fall" by Brian Hewitt

BENNINGTON -- Mary Daigneault is trained to explore and make sense of the unsettled brain, yet the psychotherapist from Brunswick, New York, was unsettled for the first few seconds after eyeballing Brian Hewitt's series of "Park-McCullough House" oil paintings.

"It's really fascinating work when the frame is turned on its side to become a diamond," Mary said in the video below. "Initially I found myself unsettled by them, kind of almost repelled by them. And then I had to look back at them because they were interesting."

This is good. This is great. This is original commentary on Hewitt's artwork in the mezzanine at Fiddlehead at Four Corners.

Minutes earlier, Mary said she probably wasn't interested in buying a raffle ticket or five for the triptych Hewitt made (below) to raffle next Friday, March 22, during a 3-hour wine, cheese and music reception at Fiddlehead.

After politely declining Art Gallery's invitation to buy tickets, Mary walked upstairs to the mezzanine and gave the 52-by-52 original oils on canvas a closer inspection. 

The fisheye effect, shadows and diamond frame challenged her in ways she hadn't expected. The experience changed her mind about the raffle and she bought a ticket then let AGD videotape her offer a critique of the North Benningtonian's work.

The reception and raffle at Fiddlehead begins at 4 o'clock and will feature Napa wine, Vermont cheese and North Adams music by Tommy Marshall. Tickets cost $5 apiece or $20 for 5. Call (802) 447-1000 if you want some, or stop in the gallery.

Here are the other 2 Park-McCullough House pieces and the triptych, and below that the full video chat with Mary Daigneault the psychotherapist who left Fiddlehead at Four Corners much more settled and excited about Brian Hewitt's artwork.

Park-McCullough House: "Summer"

Park-McCullough House: "Winter"

Park-McCullough House triptych by Brian Hewitt;
more of Hewitt's work is on sale HERE