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Twist and Shout
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: "I Just Love It"

John and Bertilda Noble admire Brian Hewitt's Park-McCullough triptych
at Fiddlehead at Four Corners art gallery (Art Gallery Dude photo)

BENNINGTON -- Most of the time they leave the gallery without the piece of art they really, really want and then don't come back.

Today they did and bought a print of the centerpiece to Brian Hewitt's "Park-McCullough House" series of oil paintings on display at Fiddlehead at Four Corners.

John and Bertilda Noble spent most of their hour in the downtown gallery Saturday night on the mezzanine looking at Hewitt's work, especially the Park-McCullough series. "Bert" fell in love with his approach to the Vermont landmark in North Bennington because of the way he uses a fisheye perspective on a diamond-orientated canvas.

For more of Hewitt's work click HERE

The three 52-by-52 pieces are called "Fall" (main house), "Winter" (carriage barn) and "Summer" (greenhouse and gardens).

Art Gallery Dude couldn't complete a sale Saturday night and felt as if he let one get away even though phone numbers were exchanged and yadda yadda.

But then Hewitt brought a few prints of "Fall" over to the Noble's home Sunday morning ...

Brian Hewitt at the Noble home in North B (John Noble photo)

... and tested one on the wall above the mantle where, Bert said, it will be "the focal point of the living room. It's a conversation piece and something I'll never be tired of looking at."

They worked out the financial details as well before Brian called AGD and told him the sale price. The Nobles ambled into the gallery an hour later to pay for the print.

"It just struck me the moment I saw it," Bert said in the video below. "I love the brightness. I love the color in it. It's different. ... It's gorgeous."

John also bought his wife a dichroic glass bracelet that she eyeballed Saturday night ...

More bracelets by Amy Pohler HERE

... so AGD enjoyed this little Fiddleheadleian moment.

Fiddlehead is celebrating another moment Friday, March 22, with an Opening Reception for Hewitt's Park-McCullough House series. It runs from 4 to 7 p.m. and features wine from Napa Valley, cheeses from Vermont and cool music from Tommy Marshall of North Adams.

The highlight takes place at 6:30 when Hewitt raffles a triptych of the Park-McCullough ...

... It features three matted 16-by-16 prints of the originals encased in a 50-by-50 diamond frame. Tickets will be on sale all week and during the reception leading up to the drawing. They cost $5 for one and $20 for 5. Call Fiddlehead at (802) 447-1000 to order some or stop into the gallery.

Here's the full video of Bertilda telling AGD why she loves "Fall" so much ...

Earlier Saturday, another customer showed love for the Park-McCullough series ...