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Twist and Shout
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: Art. Wine. Music. Bennington!

Joy Kills Sorrow to play Vermont Arts Exchange on March 22. More HERE

AGD: How would you characterize Bennington's art scene?

Joel: Passionate and disjointed.

BENNINGTON -- Fiddlehead at Four Corners art gallery owner Joel Lentzner was spot-on with that quote (full Q&A here) but positives are emerging from it, and the passionate art scene he described succinctly will become a little more jointed Friday night, March 22, thanks to a little collaboration between visionary Bennington artistas.

From 4 to 7 o'clock, Fiddlehead at Four Corners art gallery in downtown Bennington hosts a shindig to raise awareness for the Park-McCullough House. Wine from Napa, cheese from Vermont and music from North Adams will flow before artist Brian Hewitt raffles the $850 triptych he made of the famed North Bennington estate. The triptych represents the 3 oils on canvas Hewitt painted -- summer, fall, winter -- and put on display at Fiddlehead:

Park-McCullough House: Fall

Park-McCullough House: Winter

Park-McCullough House: Summer

Brian Hewitt and his oils and triptych (Art Gallery Dude photo)

Park-McCullough House triptych

Turns out the night of March 22 was popular. Over in North B., the Vermont Arts Exchange is hosting another Basement Series music show. It starts at 8 o'clock with Gold Town Duo opening for Joy Kills Sorrow.

Timing is everything, of course, and this is where Art Gallery Dude entered the equation. Fiddlehead's manager brainstormed a way to unite art, wine and music lovers when he contacted Matt Perry, director of the Vermont Arts Exchange, after Perry brought a poster into Fiddlehead earlier in the day. They talked about the busy night of the 22nd and AGD realized that patrons of the Greater Bennington arts scene could attend Fiddlehead's event from 4 to 7 then head over to VAE's event from 8 till whenever.

The raffle ticket for free drink is the first thing AGD thought of.

Perry talked to his people ...

Click to embiggen

... and one thing leads to another and Perry sent AGD this release yesterday:

Join us after Brian Hewitt's opening reception at Fiddlehead at Four Corners on Friday, March 22, for a great night of live music with Gold Town Duo and Joy Kills Sorrow.

To welcome you to the Basement, present your Fiddlehead raffle ticket -- purchased during the Park-McCullough event -- and get a free beer or glass of wine. Opening for Joy Kills Sorrow at 8 o'clock is Gold Town Duo, which is made up by Will Seeders Mosheim and Andrew Stearns of Southern Vermont's own whiskey-twang bluegrass band Gold Town.

Joy Kills Sorrow takes the stage next. "Subtle and snazzy," the Los Angeles Daily News begins, "this new jack acoustic outfit merges bluegrass with jazz like it was the most natural combination in the world." Joy Kills Sorrow gets its name from the '30s radio station where the Monroe Brothers performed (WJKS, Where Joy Kills Sorrow).

Buy tickets at

Joy Kills Sorrow is living the life: North Bennington on Friday night, Portland, Maine, the next, then a swing down the road Sunday for a show in New York City.

This is Joy Kills Sorrow ...

Just to recap: On Friday, March 22, a $5 raffle ticket at Fiddlehead at Four Corners in downtown Bennington gets you wine, cheese and music -- not to mention a chance to win Brian Hewitt's beautiful Park-McCullough House triptych -- and then gets you a free drink at a pretty cool music show in North Bennington. Also, 50 percent of all sales of Hewitt's work at Fiddlehead (here) will be donated to the Park-McCullough House.

Anyone else in the Bennington art scene want to display their passion for collaboration? It's important to note that Bennington socialite Ann Jareckie has played an important role in making Fiddlehead's event take flight. She has sold 20 raffle tickets. AGD has sold 10 and Hewitt has sold about 20. We could use more help selling the tickets.

Think it over while listening to Tommy Marshall, who'll play at Fiddlehead on March 22:

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