Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: Isn't *She* A Button?

"They're only open because he's Jewish.
Thank God he's Jewish!"

BENNINGTON -- Stop me if you've heard this one before: cute Jewish chick, cutie pie Latina and sassy WASP grandma walk into an art gallery and ...

... wait, even I haven't heard that one. Plus I can't even begin to figure out the punchline.

But a cute Jewish chick, cutie pie Latina and sassy WASP grandma did walk into Fiddlehead at Four Corners art gallery today, Easter Sunday, and became part of Art Gallery Dude's most unique Fiddlehead experience since he came back to Bennington last summer.

It probably helped that Fiddlehead was the only Main Street business open. 

Traffic was decent. Sales were, too.

Things began when a Putney woman in her late 50's, maybe early 60's, came into the gallery with her mother -- the sassy WASP. They walked around every inch of the gallery, couldn't stop oohing and ahhing over the framed stuff and glass and pottery ... and long story short they bought a bunch of birthday and holiday gifts.

Sassy WASP granny bought a cool wooden wall dog sculpture by John dePierro, a John DeAmicis lithograph and a necklace made out of colored buttons. Everyone buys DeAmici pieces but AGD was like Huh! because months go by between sales of the wooden dogs and button necklaces. Late summer is the last time a necklace left the gallery.

"This is my new favorite store," her daughter said a few times.

"They're only open because he's Jewish," sassy WASP granny said. "Thank God he's Jewish!"

There was no malice behind the statement. It was funny. She was a button, the kind of saucy old broad made for drinking and poker.

A minute later her daughter bought a mug, two small wood-framed DeAmicis pieces and a porcelain vase called "Galloping Ponies" which had been in Fiddlehead for years ...

Nice little back-to-back sales to start a quiet Easter morning. They left for Putney.

Later in the day a group headed back to Albany from Mount Snow stopped in the gallery and hung around for 45 minutes. They checked out everything on the first floor, then admired Brian Hewitt's oil paintings on the mezzanine, and they all enjoyed the Graffiti Vault.

Then the cutie pie Latina asked to see one of the button necklaces. Really?

Long story short, Megan Cruz bought the button necklace. 

First time AGD has sold two button necklaces in the same day so he took a picture of Megan with her new accessory. Great smile -- great set of teeth, which translates well on TV no doubt. Megan is a TV news reporter in Albany.

Also in the group was Andrew Kao, who unintentionally photobombed Megan's picture. 

He also fell in love with a DeAmicis piece about stress and dessert ...

Dori Marlin was the cute Jewish chick in the group. She bought one of the $9 DeAmicis desk pieces inspired on a lyric from the great song "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield ...

The trio asked AGD for a nearby bar so they could watch the end of the Michigan-Florida game. He sent them to Madison's Brew Pub thinking the famed eatery would be open. It wasn't but that's not important.

Andrew, Dori and Megan returned 45 minutes later because Andrew couldn't get his mind off the framed 3D laser-cut City Map he saw on a wall in the vestibule as they left for the bar.

These 3D laser-cut City Maps, made by Dan Linden of Virginia, arrived earlier in the week. Fiddlehead carries Bennington, Manhattan and Amsterdam. Andrew really wanted Manhattan because he lives on the west side near 10th Avenue and the piece spoke to him.

This moment made AGD think about the day last summer when 13 Tufts Jumbos romped through the gallery and one of them -- the great-nephew of Dr. Seuss -- came back and hour later to buy the large clam bowl he couldn't stop thinking about. 

Andrew gave into his desires, too ...

But then Dori Marlin -- what a great name -- walked back up to the counter and asked to look at one of the two remaining button necklaces. Are you kidding me, dude?

Long story short, the news reporter for CBS-6 in Albany bought this one ...

I don't sell one for 7 months and now I've sold 3 in 6 hours. Explain that, Easter Bunny.

So yeah, a cute Jewish chick, cutie pie Latina and sassy WASP granny walk into an art gallery on Easter Sunday and (something-something) button necklaces!

Here's a video of Andrew telling AGD why he wants the 3D laser-cut City Map ...

And because ...

Written on the west wall of Fiddlehead's Graffiti Vault