Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: AGD, Real Estate Agent

Beauty and Despair by Aimee Ford Foster. Read about it HERE

BENNINGTON -- For 20 minutes Art Gallery Dude engaged one of the brash businessmen who goes by the name of Marc Magid. Talk centered around Fiddlehead at Four Corners and the old marble bank dating back to 1929, but then the talk shifted to Magid's industrial building in the Berkshire Mountains -- North Adams, Massachusetts, to be exact.

One thing leads to another ... and Magid Inceptions an idea into AGD's head. The idea, Magid planted, was for AGD to find tenants for Blackinton Mill. Blackinton Mill thrived for decades then tapped out before Magid and his brother, Lawrence, bought the dinosaur in 2010 with the hope and promise of invigorating it, the local economy and their bank accounts.

"It's about 30 percent rented," Magid wrote in an email last night after AGD had Googled him and found this story to see what kind of fella he was dealing with.

Here's the poster about Blackinton Mill that Magid emailed AGD ...

.. nothing special, by and large, other than an artist rendition of Blackinton Mill, a map of its location in the Berkshires and 3 color photos of spaces, along with pertinent information: It is 40 miles from Albany, New York, and 160 miles from New York City ... space sizes range from 825 square feet to 15,000 square feet ... water, gas and electric utilities available ... high, timber ceilings and concrete floors and double-door entrances ... current tenants include set designers and a fabrication studio for the Williamstown Theatre Festival, Mountain Home Property Care, and functional artist and sculptor Joshua Enck.

Blackinton Mill can be utilized for office space, design studios, workshops (wood or metal), storage, dance studios, gyms slash boxing rings, painting studios, pottery studios ... anything that your heart desires, really.

Rent is $900 a month (2 months security due at signing) and there is a 3-year lease. If you're interested about helping Magid grow Blackinton Mill, email Talk about cocksure, AGD thinks he can find 3 tenants within 6 months.

What does AGD get for promoting this piece of mountain that's surrounded by the likes of MCLA (formerly North Adams State) and uber-elite Williams College and one of the famous art collectives in the land (Mass MoCA)? Well, enough of a chunk of change that he's willing to waste time and energy to help this brash Long Islander by the name of Marc Magid -- even if Marc Magid didn't spend a blessed penny in the gallery last night.

The reason Aimee Ford Foster's painting is shown at the top of this screed is because just before Marc Magid walked out of the gallery with his buddy and their two wives, he saw the piece and said he liked it and mentioned how Blackinton Mill had a similar feel and vibe before he bought the structure.

Speaking of which, AGD isn't sure which challenge is greater: Finding tenants for Blackinton Mill or Magid buying that dead dinosaur in Trenton and turning it into a gold mine.