Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: Flowering Graham

BENNINGTON -- Art Gallery Dude no longer suffocates the life from pretty flowers like he did back in '96 when, during his sportswriting days at the local rag, he killed a plant by feeding it a steady diet of Coca Cola. 

They tracked the rotting stink back to AGD's desk.

Poor plant. Typical Kulk.

Fast-forward 17 years. AGD gives flowers new life, like you see in the picture above.

That plant is special because during its most vibrant days it gave color and life to Graham Davidson's art studio. For those who might not remember Graham Scarborough Davidson, read THIS account AGD wrote a few months ago.

AGD tells Graham's story to Fiddlehead at Four Corners art gallery customers at least 3 times a week. Which means he also tells those folks the story of Steph Davidson, her husband. Bennington's art scene really hasn't been the same since Steph and Graham left this world on September 1, 2003.

The plant in the picture above is one of the sentimental ornaments at Fiddlehead. 

It has seen rough patches the last few years. Gallery owners Joel and Nina Lentzner have watered it religiously every week since taking possession of it, a responsibility AGD claimed after arriving in June.

But no matter how much water and love the plant had gotten the branches were old and tired and crusty and broke off all the time -- and they definitely weren't sprouting flowers ...

... until AGD added some coffee grounds and noticed a little growth spurt in the branches. Then Nina changed the soil a week later and added some coffee grounds ...

... and 2 months later Graham's plant is ALIVE and VIBRANT -- "it has never sprouted flowers before," Nina said this morning. Look to the left of the pink flower, that big ol' honking football-shaped leaf. That is pretty exciting, and it made AGD think back to the days of the Coked-out plant on his desk. Back to Graham's plant: Some of the branches still are old and weak and need to be plucked, but that bad boy is thriving again.

Here's another plant that had puttered when AGD arrived in June ...

AGD watering the plant on July 21

... and here is that plant today ...

... that green beast is off the hook.

AGD chose flowers as the theme today because part of yesterday's inventory order included two pair of daisy earrings. Fiddlehead has carried them before, and they sell fast ...

Daisy earrings ($30) available HERE

So, Graham, wherever you are in the Great Beyond ...

... we're loving your flower, just like we'll always love you.