Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: Eat your heart out, Tyler

BENNINGTON -- In spring of '94, Art Gallery Dude posed naked for 35 MFA students in Iowa, so taking photos of himself today wearing women's scarves ain't nothing but a thang.

That being said, while AGD may not have been Harvard material, it should not have taken 20 minutes to figure out how to tie the new JuBarDoLi scarves -- even with directions ...

The directions say to fold this and loop that and place through loop and twist this and place the other end and pull and scrunch and ... and which each failed attempt AGD felt like the world's biggest imbecile.

He stared at the first two directions and slow-motioned it for 10 minutes before it clicked, and then the rest was a cinch. And another thing: For a straight guy with long red locs, AGD looks pretty goddamn good in JuBarDoLi scarves.

What is a JuBarDoLi scarf, and how are they made?

According to the makers Judy, Donna and (redacted): "The process of making a scarf begins with the search for and selection of distinctive, singular materials that make our scarves different from any others. We choose lightweight, multi-colored, and multi-textured yards and ribbons including shiny, fuzzy, and unique. Then the REAL work begins! Each skein is cut by hand to the prescribed length and then placed in the kitchen with the many other selections for use in the next creation!"

Fiddlehead is selling 9 of the scarves. Each one costs $44 (two for $80). They will be available on Fiddlehead's website ( by 12 noon Sunday. If you want one before then call (802) 447-1000 and ask for Art Gallery Dude.

Speaking of which, here is AGD modeling the other scarves today ...

... and oh, by the way, both Fiddlehead owners told AGD the same thing after seeing the JuBarDoLi scarves for the first time: You've really got to email Steven Tyler!