Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: Lisa Ridgely and The Fainting Room

Lisa Ridgely and The Fainting Room (Tim Suchocki photo)

BENNINGTON -- Lisa Ridgely and The Fainting Room released another record you might hear on the radio very soon. The single is called "Stop Gap Girl" and it's a mixture of Loretta Lynn and the Beach Boys and Elvis and Buddy Holly and even Melissa Auf der Mar.

Here's the highly politicized song that tackles, among other things, the Green Bay Packers, Gov. Scott Walker, ex-POTUS Bill Clinton and abortion. 

I'll add Part 2 (Q&A with Lisa Ridgely) later today or tomorrow:

Until that Q&A with one of Milwaukee's finest ladies ...

... here's a little more coincidence from Fiddlehead at Four Corners:

For months, the sister of the woman who co-owns the art gallery has said she wants this:

Dichroic glass bracelet (last one) available at

It's a dichroic glass bracelet with wrap-around rubber strands. I think her sister wanted the bracelet because she saw it on her sister's arm and then the competitive rivalry set in.

Yesterday, the mother of the woman who co-owns the gallery bought this one:

And while that sale is not so strange, what *is* strange is that an hour later a cutie pie nurse from the hospital in town swooped in and bought this for a birthday gift:

In 4 months here, I have sold 3 of those dichroic glass bracelets, and 2 went in 1 hour.

The only one left is the one you see on the arm of the woman above.

I doubt her sister will buy it now.

Another peculiar thing happened yesterday. It goes back to a customer who walked around the gallery last month and inquired about a 12x18 photograph called "Lilac Reflections" -- which shows 2 Elk standing in, and drinking from, a river as the sun melts to the west.

She really wanted the picture and played savvy customer by saying she couldn't really afford it. In the mindset of Always Be Closing, I told her I'd dump the tax. That didn't lock up the sale. She left on her merry way and returned to Carmel, California.

The woman called yesterday. She has a sweet phone voice. She wanted Lilac Reflections.

This time I closed the sale.

And I'm closing this vignette, but not until I urge y'all to support Lisa Ridgely and The Fainting Room by clicking a link to their sweet music right HERE. It's just a buck!

They're about to hit it big. I can feel it.

(Note: I also wrote about Lisa Ridgely and The Fainting Room