Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: Stella!

"Stella. Rebecca. Laura." (Joey Kulkin photo, September 2003)

BENNINGTON -- Burlington, Tunnel City, Rutland, Memphis, Bennington, Santa Fe, Dallas, North Bennington, Arlington, Boston, Mobile, Jackson (Mississippi), Cleveland (Mississippi), Coila, South Orange, Comune di Stazzema, Saratoga Springs, Lexington (Massachusetts), Hoosick Falls, Shelburne, Manchester (Vermont), Fort Worth, Old Lyme, Alexandria (Virginia), Lennox, McLean, Hamilton (Ohio), Providence, New York City, London, Aslockton, Bangor, Charlotte, Montenosa (Italy), San Francisco, Banff, D.C., South Royalton.

That's where she has shown.

Bennington College (MFA, Concentration in Painting); Studio Nerina Simi (Florence, Italy); Memphis College of Art (BFA, Concentration in Painting); University of Michigan, College of Architecture and Design; Banff School of Fine Arts.

That's where she has studied.

Williams College (adjunct professor of drawing), Bennington College (instructor of life drawing), Brookgreen Gardens (landscape painting workshop), Brookhaven College (special programs instructor), Community College of Vermont (Bennington), Lyme Academy College of Art (guest instructor), Plein-Air Painting Workshops in Tuscany (summers).

That's where she has taught.

Who is she?


Stella Ehrich.


Of the many talented canvas artists featured at Fiddlehead at Four Corners, none is more accomplished than oil master Stella Ehrich of North Bennington by way of New Orleans and pretty much everywhere in between.

Time and again, people walk into the gallery and ask about this:

It is a replica of a Stella piece that passers-by see in one of Fiddlehead's big windows facing Main Street. The piece has no name other than "Untitled" -- and Art Gallery Dude wants it pretty badly for his collection. Stella has the original, so there's still hope.

Stella breathes life onto canvas with her oils and her soul. 

Art Gallery Dude loves Stella's portraits because they drip with innocence, and her subjects look like they're straight out of 1728 -- a prime example being "Sascha" ...

... other art lovers love how Stella transfers her vision of landscapes onto canvas ...

John and Roberta Bennett appreciate "Trees in Winter"
by Stella Ehrich (Joey Kulkin photo, 10/21/12)

John and Roberta Bennett walked into Fiddlehead today and asked Art Gallery Dude where they could see Stella Ehrich's work. Third or fourth time it's happened this week. One of the reasons for that is last week's article in the Bennington Banner.

Art Gallery Dude told Roberta how "Sascha" moves him and that he plans to buy it (say, does anyone have twelve hundred and fifty bucks he can borrow?), and then Roberta stepped in front of "Trees in Winter" and explained in a 78-second video why it moves her.

"Because," she said with hand gestures aplenty, "it is evoking in me the exact feeling in my body that I get when I look at the late-winter sunlight."

The Art Gallery Dude posted the video on Stella's Facebook page. She loved Bobby's words:

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And here is Bobby Bennett's full appreciation of "Trees in Winter" ...

By the way, Stella, Art Gallery Dude loves that you went to Delta State. Go Fightin' Okra! Below, Stella oils it up in Tuscany ...

Stella (left) with Bennington artist Cheryl Conklin
(Joey Kulkin photo, October 2012)