Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: Corndogging

BENNINGTON -- Not sure I'll ever see a funnier political ad than the one I posted at the bottom. It comes out of South Dakota and features a perty Farmer of the Year and the environmental egghead with a predilection for corn dogs and icy Jager shots.

But first ...

... the Graffiti Vault at Fiddlehead at Four Corners continues to attract the masses who Chalk It Up! with sweet pictures and words of wisdom.

Last week a fella by the name of Buddy spent a few minutes in the vault with his wife, Mary. They're looking at each other lovingly in the picture above. 

Mary wrote "Life is short, eat desert first." She meant dessert.

Buddy wrote this on the other side of the vault:

Life is good for Buddy because Buddy brims with life.

Buddy said he had a heart transplant 8 years ago. I asked if he tried to find the man whose heart he now owns, and he said yes, although he still hasn't learned the man's identity.

Buddy said he woke up from surgery and that fear gripped him worse than ever before because of an intense pounding in his chest. "The doctor told me that was a normal heartbeat -- and I hadn't felt one in a long time."

On Saturday, Kate and Pat spent 45 minutes in the Graffiti Vault. They're young lovers. Colorful art flowed from their chalk-tipped fingers.

On Saturday, during Fallapalooza in downtown Bennington, Sylvia and Vera dominated the Graffiti Vault. Sylvia comes from Greencastle, Pennsylvania, and Vera is from Mexico City, and both of them attend Bennington College.

Vera and Sylvia

Experienced a funny coincidence Saturday, about 36 hours after guitar god Tommy Marshall performed in Fiddlehead during "College Night" -- for an audience of one: me.

I wrote how Tommy Marshall's song "Angels Wept" (HERE) had a Dylan'esque vibe.

Well, on Saturday morning a customer bought this John DeAmecis lithograph of Dylan ...

... the one DeAmicis piece I've wanted to sell more than any other since July.

What, you don't think that's a funny coincidence? A world-class geetarist picks and plucks like Dylan, then I write about it, and then the Dylan litho sells -- and that's not funny?

Trust me, it is.

But, not nearly as funny as the greatest political ad out of South Dakota.

Watch the entire thing. Only in America can a political candidate be shamed for owning two advanced degrees and trying to figure out solutions to environmental problems.

Poor Matt Varilek: America's worst corndogger since Michelle Bachmann:

Here's the comical political ad featuring the Soybean Growers Association's special gal, because if you can't carry the South Dakota soybean vote you're just corndogging it.