Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: Chalk 'n' Roll

BENNINGTON -- Trey Anastasio graffiti'd his name on the cover of a vinyl for "Scabbard" and also sent Fiddlehead's owner a 12-inch vinyl of "Traveler" -- which is a great album, regardless of what the AP dude wrote (HERE).

Funnily, the albums arrived an hour after a customer by the name of Joanne chalked the answer "Trickster" in the Graffiti Vault contest. He is known as "Trey the Trickster".

The riddle is "The brain in the organ, the mind is the ________ "

Joanne's husband wrote "Conscience" beneath "Thought that controls the brain" ...

... here are a few answers from Facebook friends (click to enlarge):

Some dude by the name of Joel provided the best answer so far.

The contest ends at 6 o'clock Sunday. You can come to Fiddlehead and chalk your answer in the Graffiti Vault or email ... all entries will be put into a hat, then 5 will be pulled, then we'll open up voting to the public.

Read yesterday's post (HERE) to see what the prizes are.

As for the picture at the top, that's a Saturn bowl. Fiddlehead had 7 of them when the summer began. They sold out by mid-July. Today, 7 more arrived.

They're great wedding gifts.