Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: Verlina the Lizard Queen

We have 2 glass lizards left. Want them? Click HERE

BENNINGTON -- If Verlina Jackson ever runs for mayor of Trenton, and she might, and wins, and she could, you might see this glass lizard on her desk at City Hall.

Jackson continued Fiddlehead's streak of website sales -- 4 days on the trot -- after buying the colorful amphibian at ... and Art Gallery Dude hopes more Trentonians he supported over the years will follow in her wake and support the fun, funky, functional art gallery. Great holiday gift ideas.

So, what is AGD's relationship to Verlina Jackson?

Art Gallery Dude (AGD) used to be known as Trentonian TV Dude (TTVD) when he was an editor at The Trentonian newspaper. TTVD launched Trentonian TV and one things to another ... and he's producing live shows hosted by Trenton residents and leaders such as Darren Freedom Green and Tyrone Miller and Bruce Boyd and Jun King Walker.

Freedom hosted a weekly talk show called "Freedom" and he routinely interviewed members of Trenton's City Council, including Verlina Jackson. Read TTVD's Production Notes from her appearance and watch the episode HERE.

Not only did TTVD produce the shows, he also took photos of guests as they talked to Freedom or Tyrone or whomever. He liked to take pictures of guests' hands, because suggestive hands during communication are fascinating, and shoes the guests would wear in relation to Freedom's shoes or Tyrone's shoes. The photos added a cool dynamic to the Production Notes and gave viewers and readers a behind-the-scenes perspective.

Jackson appeared on Freedom's 10th episode in late April. Here are photos TTVD took ...

Verlina and Freedom

Verlina's and Freedom's shoes

AGD misses those days. So does Hunter S. Thompson

Verlina's pink-tipped fingers

Verlina and Demetria

The last one is AGD's favorite. Demetria Mason got emotional over the shootings and killings that were highlighting the news everyday -- just like what's happening now.

Trenton is dying a bad death. Trenton has become Camden, maybe even worse, and that's hard to do. Trenton is on its deathbed. Trenton used to be a jewel of America.

Residents such as Perry Shaw III (A Better Way) and Eric Maywar (Classics Books) and many like them are examples of excellence where it comes to natural-born leaders trying to rehabilitate that which is broken in Trenton. Perry posted this on Facebook today ...

... and political watchdogs Jim Carlucci and Kevin Moriarty are Trenton's Woodward and Bernstein, so there are good-hearted heavyweight fighters in Trenton.

But anyway ... Demetria exited the guest's chair that day with eyes full of tears.

Verlina got up and hugged her a bear hug, and it's one of the best photos TTVD took during his days as a producer. It was a real moment. Verlina also answered the bell during the French Towers debacle in late June. Read about it HERE.

That being said, will City Councilman Verlina Jackson become Mayor Jackson next?

"Not at this time" she said on December 5 when AGD asked if she was interested.

Sorry, Ms. Jackson, but AGD is for real in the belief that you are going to be Trenton's equivalent to Kelly Yaede over in Hamilton. He asked her the same thing about assuming the mayor's seat after Benci got busted, and she said the same thing. And now she's the mayor.

Now, if you do assume Trenton's Seat of Power, Verlina, please fix this mess ...

The old Manex "Hollywood East" debacle