Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: Graffiti. God. Aloha. Paws.

Kaela, 15, from Kaua'i, Hawai'i

BENNINGTON -- Hawaiians, Honeymooners and Horrorshow Believers have spent the last few days loving the walls of Fiddlehead's Graffiti Vault with exciting exhibitions of chalk art.

Anela began the Hawaiian invasion November 29 when she stopped in on her way to Maine and chalked "Aloha" and "Mahalo" and "Love" next to a tree native to the island ...

... and then Kaela showed up yesterday and filled one of the walls (top) with Hawaiian Love. Kaela's dad serves in the Navy, so the family has moved 17 times in recent years.

These days they live on Kaua'i.

Kaela drew a Hawaiian flower from which the sentiment ALOHA KE AKUA emanates. At the bottom she wrote the meaning: God is Love. But her dad corrected her: Love is God.

Love and God. Welly, Welly, Welly, Welly, Welly, Welly, Well! 

Art Gallery Dude has experienced God and Love, Love and God, several times the last few days. AGD is the staunchest atheist Jew on the planet but on Sunday morning he attended church at St. Peter's to fulfill his end of a deal ...

... and this Sunday was the Advent New Year that starts preparations for the birth of Jesus. As a reward, AGD ate the body of Jesus and drank it down with the blood of Jesus ...

... Yummy! The only thing missing was a side of the Virgin Mary's hot-buttered grits.

The priest sermoned at length -- and with a nice dose of humor -- about God and Pizza and "The Word Made Flesh" in relation to believing and the meaning of life ... 

... and every time the frocked man said The Word Made Flesh in his Delaware drawl it reminded AGD of Alex DeLarge saying Gorgeousness and Gorgeousity Made Flesh.

That lomtick aside, St. Peter's is a beautiful church, and AGD enjoyed the service. A dozen folks from both sides of the aisle bid him "May Peace Be With You" and shook his hand, and there was real warmth and love in their smiles. 

The religious words may have been different, but this Sunday service had the same kinds of organic music and songs and Godly themes as the temple services AGD attended every Sunday for years leading up to his bar mitzvah. 

The only difference is that AGD never ate Jesus at Temple Israel.

Anyway ... 

God appeared today when three college-aged dudes from Connecticut walked into the gallery. One of them, a musician, said he came up to apply to Bennington College. 

Two of his droogs hopped along for the ride. One is a writer whose gazeetta mom won awards for her columns.

The third guy, Andrew Mozer, walked into the Graffiti Vault and went nuts ...

... and while Andrew was knee-deep into a Chalky Bizarro, his buddies and AGD talked at length about God and Believing and All That Good Stuff -- and it was a doozy of a chat. 

One hundred percent respectful on both ends, and enlightening to say the least.

"I should be able to snap my fingers" -- AGD snapped his fingers so crisp and loud that it sounded like Joe Theisman's leg broke again -- "and God should just appear."

"God isn't your bitch," Andrew said, laughing.

"Well, yes, God is my bitch. If he wants me to believe in him/her/whatever it is, then he/she/it will appear when I snap my fingers. Just once. I'll never question God again."

Andrew provided his perspective on the concept of God and Wanting with an NC-17 example.

Everyone laughed.

Then AGD reminded Andrew that the succulent thing he wanted could be made flesh with a little effort because he's dealing with a real mouth and not a supernatural invisibility that we're supposed to believe in, because that's supposed to be the example of what faith is.

The chat wrapped up minutes later, and the 3 dudes left.

Minutes later a couple walked into the gallery. 

One thing leads to another, and Brendan and Gina from Rhode Island are telling AGD that they got married on 12/1/12 and are honeymooning in Vermont.

Gina fell in love with the old marble bank turned art gallery.

She really loved the Graffiti Vault, as have many other couples ...

... and this is the simple love story of Brendan and Gina:

"My best friend married his best friend," Gina said, "and then they set us up."

They dated 8 years before making it official Saturday at the Crown Plaza in Warwick.

AGD asked them the only question that really matters.

"He's the only one who put up with me for 8 years. And yes, I definitely have to put up with a lot," Gina said laughing, to which Brendan responded "I love you, too, babe."

Brendan and Gina rescue dogs together through PAWS New England. Check out the PAWS website HERE after watching the first video -- but be warned you might need a box of Kleenex because you're going to drown in tears of love.

If Word Made Flesh is real, listen to these dogs cry from their gutty-wuts -- and then show the world your gorgeousness and gorgeousity by giving them a home.

Art Gallery Dude