Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: Gone, Gumdrop, Gone!

BENNINGTON -- Art Gallery Dude wrote a story 99 days ago about a wall at Fiddlehead at Four Corners that features the famed lithographs of John DeAmicis. Customers love that wall as you can see by some of the photos in that story (HERE).

Lately, AGD hadn't been taking many pictures of customers in front of the wall.

Then Linda and her sister walked into Fiddlehead yesterday and shopped around the old marble bank turned art gallery. At one point Linda and Jennifer stood in front of the wall to appreciate DeAmicis, arms around each other's backs, the love of sisterhood in full blaze, and that was a moment of moments as you can see above.

Minutes later Linda and Jennifer walked into the Graffiti Vault. Linda went nuts ...

The 3 Amigos in the Graffiti Vault

Linda and Jennifer (red jacket)

12-12-12: Linda said she shares her birthday
with Our Lady of the Guadalupe

... Linda came to Bennington on 12-12-12 to participate in a radio show called "Lightline" with Lisa V. Smith of WBTN 1310. 

Smith is an astrologer from Williamstown, Massachusetts. Femininity and astrology and the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe -- with whom Linda shares a 12-12-12 birthday -- were the main themes of the show.

A man by the name of Aaron worked the WTBN booth during the show. 

During a phone call today Aaron told Art Gallery Dude that the 6 segments were 1) the opening with Our Lady Guadalupe and her story 2) discussion of the rise of femininity 3) the rise of women in today's culture 4) what challenges women are facing in today's culture 5) a wrap-up of Our Lady of Guadalupe and what people should do to re-center their alignment with the universe and 6) the wrap-up prayer.

The show is available on WBTN's website (HERE).

AGD and Linda spoke a bit about femininity and how women are much better off now than they were 25 years ago. They also talked about President Hilary Clinton (bet on it).

The other big news yesterday occurred circa 9 o'clock in the a.m. when AGD got an email saying Fiddlehead's website had registered another sale ...

The gumdrop plate from;
5th day in a row the website has recorded a sale

... that glass plate reminded AGD of the cards from Candyland ...

... and what a coincidence: The day AGD wrote about customers and their affinity for admiring the famed wall of John DeAmicis (HERE) is the day he wrote about hundreds of customers falling in love with the plate at first sight yet never buying it. 

This is the picture he used for that story ...

The piano plate sold exactly one month after the "Lookie" story. Read it HERE.